Making a Bamboo Picture Frame from Home

A bamboo picture frame looks elegant and has a rustic beauty to it. It is possible to make such a frame at home, and when it is hand-made it acquires a special value and can also be an excellent gift idea. Here are the steps for making a bamboo picture frame.

Step 1: Obtain Materials and Choose Size

Materials needed are:

  • bamboo sticks
  • strips of wood
  • glue
  • cardboard
  • glass

You also need to figure out the size of the photo you would want to fit into your frame.

Step 2: Cut the Cardboard

The cardboard will fit at the back of your frame and will also serve as an outline for you to cut the bamboo sticks. So, first cut the cardboard in a rectangle shape to the size of frame which is intended. Now draw a rectangle in the middle of the cardboard, which is going to be the size of your photo.

Step 3: Cut the Glass

Cut the glass or a transparent acrylic sheet an inch bigger than the size of the photo.

Step 4: Cut the Bamboo and Choose a Design

Lay the bamboo sticks on the cardboard and saw off the bits which stick out. Here you have a chance to create a variety of designs. Instead of laying them vertical, you can lay them diagonal or horizontal and then saw them to size.

Making the hollow for the picture can be a bit tricky as you need to correctly mark the outline of the photo and saw this area off. Cut the strips of wood to the frame size and glue the bamboo bits to these strips. The size of the strips of wood should be able to accommodate the size of glass you have cut. The front of the frame is now ready.

Step 5: Fit It all Together

Place the glass in the hollow of the strips of wood and place your photo on top of it. Now, just glue the cardboard at the back and your frame is ready. If you want the frame to stand, cut another strip of wood and glue it at an angle to the cardboard. For hanging the photo, glue a loop of twine on the center top of the cardboard.