Making a Backlight Stand at Home

A Backlight Stand is quite a handy piece of equipment when you are looking to mount your light source. There are a variety of such stands available in the market and many are of very good quality. However, they are also quite costly. If you are looking for a cheap way out, you can make one at home. It may not be as sturdy to support heavy lighting, but can do well if you want to mount lighter equipments and flash units.

Step 1: Gather Materials

The stand will mainly be constructed from PVC pipes and joints to make it lighter and also durable. So, you will need four pieces of half inch PVC pipes measuring six to eight inches in length. The length of these pipes will depend on how wide you need your base to be. You will also need four pieces of ninety degree PVC elbows and a single half inch cross connector. There will be one metal nut, whose dimensions will be according to the measurements of the attachment pipe you are planning to mount. Lastly, to stick all the pieces together, you will need the appropriate glue.

Step 2: Make the Center

Drill a hole in the cross connector's center, so that the metal nut can fit into it. Now glue the nut into this hole.

Step 3: Make the Legs

Fit the four PVC pipes into the four openings of the connector. Now, take the elbows and fit them at the end of each pipe. If you want a detachable model of the stand, then do not use the glue, as you will be able to detach the legs if you need to.

Your backlight stand is now ready, and you can screw the piece of light equipment into the nut in the middle.