Maintaining a Steadicam Archer

A Steadicam Archer is considered a major investment for cameramen and filmmakers, not just in terms of money but also time and effort in learning how to use the system. Using a Steadicam device is considered a specialization in filmmaking. Care and maintenance are necessary to make this device last longer.

General Maintenance Considerations

The Steadicam is composed of three main parts: the vest, the arm and the sled. Most of the parts are predominantly made from steel. There are also small joints. To keep the equipment in tip top shape, keep the rig away from extreme temperatures, water, salty water as well as other corrosive material. Sand can also get into small pores and can damage the system.

Vest Care

The vest secures the sled and arm to the cameraman or filmmaker. Much of the parts of the vest are washable or can be cleaned easily. The buckles and velcro are other considerations, parts which can be easily worn. These parts can be easily purchased from stores and replaced.

Maintaining Other Parts of the Steadicam

When it comes to taking care of the other parts, such as the battery and monitor, Steadicam owners are advised to refer to the manual.