List of Popular Smartmedia Memory Card Brands

The Smartmedia memory card is an obsolete solid-state memory flash card that was designed and developed by Toshiba. The card was used in old designs of digital cameras and music players and was rendered obsolete when the cameras became too small for the card to actually fit in. Also, the memory limitations and the problems with increasing camera resolutions did not help. Smart media memory cards are not manufactured anymore, but they may be found for sale at online stores. Here is a listing of a few good brands in case you need to support an old device.

Olympus Smart Media Memory Card

The smart media standard was backed heavily by Olympus and is one of the best brands to consider. It can be used with all the older MP3 players, digital cameras and various digital devices. It supports over 10,000 insertions. When used with an Olympus camera, these cards can easily make panorama pictures too.

PNY Smart Media Memory Card

The PNY technologies brand is also a successful one when it comes to utilizing a smart media memory card. These cards are directly compatible with most of the operating systems found today: Windows XP, Vista and the Mac OS X.

These have the added advantage of low power consumption and providing playback that is skip free. Each smart media memory card supports writing and rewriting more than 1000 times. Power requirement is about 3.3 volts. Dimensions are the same for every brand of smart media memory cards: 45 x 37 x 76mm.