List of Popular Secure Digital SD Memory Card Brands

When shopping for a secure digital SD memory card, you need to make sure it is compatible with your device. A few other key features are the storage capacity and speed. There are few brands that stick out in the memory card industry. The following brands offer memory cards that are more secure and reliable.


Lexar offers superior quality and reliability. Some of their cards are not cheap but come with a lifetime warranty. Unlike other manufacturers, they focus solely on memory and have received multiple awards and editor’s choices for their products.


The SanDisk Memory is arguably the global leader in flash memory cards. The cards focus mostly on memory and have a huge variety to choose from. Whether you need memory for your camera, mobile or music player, SanDisk has a solution for you.


The corporate giant Sony was one of the first manufacturers of memory cards. Although they are branched out in multiple other areas, the Sony memory is still very competitive and high quality. It is also very likely to be found at any retail shop.


Kingston offers a wide range of flash memory that usually comes with a lifetime warranty. Their flash data retention is rated at 10 years of normal wear and tear. This means there’s very little chance of losing data due to a faulty secure digital SD memory card.