List of Popular 256mb SD Card Brands

Anyone shopping around for a 256MB SD card will find that there are quite a few different brands to choose from. The different brands can differ significantly in terms of quality and reliability. By choosing a well known brand, it is easy to ensure that the card is reliable and will work for as long as possible.


SanDisk is probably the most popular manufacturer of flash memory cards. The company produces its own flash memory which means that only the highest quality chips are used in the production of these cards. SanDisk makes a large proportion of Flash memory chips which means that they are used in other cards, even those not branded as SanDisk.


Kingston is perhaps better known for computer memory, however, the company also produces flash memory cards such as 256MB SD cards. Kingston also makes compact flash cards and micro SD cards.


Panasonic is a very well known consumer electronics brand which makes high quality SD cards in a variety of capacities including 256MB.


Samsung has a very good reputation for its digital memory products. They also produce a wide range of different SD cards including 256MB.


Transcend makes a lot of memory products. They make a wide range of different SD cards in capacities from 256MB to 32GB.