Learn to Use Your Tamron Macro Lens in 5 Simple Steps

The Tamron macro lens is used to enable massive magnification levels on your photographic subjects. It is used the most in close-up photography and generally has a ratio between 1:1 to 1:4. Following are some essential tips for you to follow to learn how to use your Tamron Macro lens in five easy steps.

Step 1: Choose the Right Size

Opt for a medium focal length of the telephoto Tamron macro lens, ranging from 90-180 mm for cameras with full frame and 60-90 mm for those cameras with smaller sensors.

Step 2: Keep Your Distance

Maintain a considerable distance between the lens and the object to accommodate accessory technical equipment needed for the extreme and sharp close-up photography with details.

Step 3: Do It Manually

The Tamron Macro Lens is specially designed for sharp and life size production of images. To get the best out of it, always avoid using autofocus and rather go for manual focusing. A tip would be to focus on the central part of the subject and close down the aperture of the lens, according to what the light allows. This gives the widest depth of field and blurs out any background anomalies.

Step 4: Expose Your True Creativity

Bracket the exposure to over- and under-exposed half stop increments, ensuring a minimum of 2 of both over- as well as under-exposed.

Step 5: Cast Some Light

Make sure the camera is not positioned at a point where you will be casting any sort of shadow onto the subject area.

These basic steps when followed, while using a Tamron Macro Lens, will ensure clear and sharp close-up photography.