Knowing the Depth Ratings on Your Underwater Camera Housing

The depth rating of your underwater camera housing is very important if you plan on bringing your camera with you when you scuba dive or go for a swim. Unfortunately, many digital camera manufacturers do not offer underwater housings for your SLR or DSLR digital cameras. However, there are a wide variety of third party companies that do manufacturer the housings. When purchasing a underwater housing, you should look for one that was designed specifically for your digital camera. Typically, the underwater housings are constructed of acrylic or aluminum.

Depth Ratings

At the surface, air pressure is typically 14.7 pounds per square inch. As you reach 33 feet underwater, the air pressure doubles to 29.4 pounds per square inch. For each additional 33 feet underwater, the air pressure will continue to rise by 14.7 pounds per square inch. If you take a camera housing deeper than it is rated for, at best, the camera controls simply won't work. However, in most cases, the camera will either leak or implode due to the high amount of pressure being forced upon the housing. Luckily, many DLSR underwater housings are rated for 200-300 feet, but it is very important to confirm this information before going scuba diving. You always want a bit of a safety margin, in case you go deeper.

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