Keep Your SLR Close with Camera Wrist Straps

Camera wrist straps will make your camera safe and sound. Cameras can be very expensive, which is why you need to do everything you can to take care of them. One of the easiest things to do is to use a camera wrist strap. These will secure your camera to your wrist, which means even if you drop it accidentally, it shouldn't fall far.

Everyone should have a camera wrist or neck strap to keep their camera safe from danger. This will make sure that nothing bad happens to your camera. When choosing and using wrist straps for your camera, there are some important things to bear in mind.

Bundled Straps

Almost all compact cameras these days come with wrist straps. However, very few SLR cameras actually come with a wrist strap. SLR cameras are normally much more bulky and so normally come with neck straps. It is, however, possible to use wrist straps with these cameras, although they are slightly different to ones included with a compact digital camera.

Choosing Compatible Wrist Straps

A visit to your local camera shop will uncover lots of wrist straps. The trouble is that most of these are not suitable for SLR cameras. This is because a DSLR camera will be much more bulky and slightly heavier. When choosing wrist straps, you must ensure that they are strong enough to support the camera.

Phat Straps

Phat straps are special types of wrist straps which are suitable for SLR cameras. These straps are much thicker than most other wrist straps and are designed specifically for SLR cameras. These are not boring like most other straps, as they can be purchased in a wide range of different colors and designs.

The straps themselves are actually very stylish and a great addition to any camera.These suit your camera, and not only makes it safer, but also look much better too.

All of the straps are made of the highest quality materials. It's also possible to specify additional extras at the time of purchase. You can choose embroidery on the strap, or even memory card slots. The card slots are actually very useful to keep your cards safe and sound.

Quick Release

The phat straps use quick release catches, which make it very simple to detach the camera from the straps when needed. These catches mean that you will be able to take your camera off the strap in a matter of seconds, which is very useful at times. It's also possible to purchase these wrist straps without the quick release catches if you prefer.


These wrist straps are also completely adjustable, which means they can be made to suit anyone's wrist and camera. The straps are easy to adjust.


One of the great benefits of using these camera wrist straps is that they are flexible and reliable. Although they are sold as wrist straps, they can also be used as neck straps if you prefer. A simple adjustment will affect whether they can be used as wrist or neck straps.

These wrist straps are a very useful way to care for your camera and protect it from danger.

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