Judging Quality of Slide Scanning Services Results

When determining the relative value of various slide scanning services, it will be important to be able to judge the image quality that is being produced by different services. One service may be significantly cheaper per slide scan than another service, but if the images produced are not good quality, then you may end up having to spend additional money to get the same slides scanned again by another service.

Look at Small Details

The devil is in the details, as they say, and this is where you can often tell the difference between a high quality slide scan and a lower quality scan. Look closely at small details, such as thin lines in your slides. If the lines look fuzzy, blurry or overly pixel-ated, your slide scans are not high quality. High quality scans will have sharp lines and details that are not blurry.

File Size

Another great way to gauge the relative differences in scan quality between different scanning services will be to look at the file sizes produced by the services. In general, the larger the file size for your images, the better the quality of those images will be. Producing high quality, large file size images is a mark of a quality scanning service.

Popular Cameras for High Quality Photos: