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Maintaining Your Muslin Backdrop

If you’re serious about opening a photography studio, then one of the things you’re going to have to invest in is a muslin backdrop.  Yes, you could get by with just having seamless paper...[more]

Practical Uses for Green Screens

New video editing software has made green screen effects very easy to achieve. In the past, green screens were limited to use by professional film studios because the effects were so expensive to achieve....[more]

Making Your Own Green Screen

When making a video, a green screen is normally used to replace the background. The flat color makes it easier for the video editor or post production crew to replace the background afterwards. A...[more]

6 High Quality Photo Printer Usage Tips

Maintaining high quality photo printers need not be difficult or expensive. Ink cartridges for printing has long been considered one of the most expensive types of liquid available on the market. It is rare...[more]

3 Creative Uses for a Flatbed Scanner

A flatbed scanner is a device that you can use to scan in photographs and documents to your computer. Use it to convert any physical object into a digital copy which can then be...[more]

How a Thermal Photo Printer Works

Thermal printers generally are not mainstream printers, but many multipurpose printers and fax machines do use this technology. While they are not as popular as standard printers, these printers do have many advantages, and...[more]

Cleaning Scanner Glass: Quality Retaining Tips

Anyone with a scanner will need to learn efficient ways of regularly cleaning scanner glass. Scanners are very useful tools which make it possible to create digital copies of all sorts of physical documents...[more]

Camera Parts: Tripod Mount

A tripod mount is a camera part that can be used on most SLRs, point-and-shoots or even camcorders. The simplest mounts consist of a flat piece of plastic or metal with a screw in...[more]

"Going Green": Using Your Chroma Key Screen Suit

Chroma key screen suits allow a person to be practically invisible when up against a green screen. These suits are usually close fitting to eliminate wrinkles and shadows. These suits are especially useful for filming...[more]

How to Use Chroma Key Paper at High School Proms

Using a blue or green screen Chroma key paper for creating special effects for videos and photography is a technique that has been used for many years. The chroma key paper is used for many...[more]

How to Use Chroma Key Paint

Chroma key paint is a great way to quickly create a green screen in a studio or location. It can also be used for painting objects needed in the shot that will be removed later....[more]

Pros and Cons of an Inkjet Photo Printer

An inkjet photo printer is the most popular type of printer used to create high quality prints from your computer. These are very popular because they are so affordable and easy to use. Digital photography...[more]

7 Color Photo Printer Calibration Tips

Anyone who has a color photo printer will need to understand calibration and how it can be used to improve the results. Printers are very sophisticated pieces of equipment which are capable of extreme levels...[more]

Compact Photo Printer Features to Compare

A compact photo printer is a very useful device for professional and amateur photographers alike. Amateurs like the ability to print their photos out without the need of a computer. Professionals can use these to...[more]

Camera Accessories: Shutter Release

Shutter accessories should be a part of any serious photographer's tool box. There are two types of shutter release accessories that you can own. One is a vertical shutter release that can be found on...[more]

Camera Accessories: Battery Grip

If you are a serious photographer with a SLR/D-SLR camera, then you need to get accessories like a battery grip. What Is a Battery Grip? A battery grip serves two functions. First of all, it...[more]

Things to Consider When Purchasing Photo Printer Paper

There are many different types of photo printer paper available, so you may have difficulty knowing which type you need. Digital cameras have made it easier than ever to take photographs and print photos without...[more]

How to Install a Wireless Photo Printer

A wireless photo printer eliminates the need for cords, wires, and access to a power outlet, and they reduce the clutter often associated with peripherals that are connected to computers. However, setting up a wireless...[more]

Explaining a Flash Gun

A flash gun is a very useful device that you can use to illuminate the subjects of your photograph. Proper lighting is essential to take high quality photographs. While most cameras have built-in flashes, a...[more]

How a Sublimation Photo Printer Works

A sublimation photo printer allows photographers to print high-quality photos from their home or home office. These types of printers are superior to inkjet printers, which create colors by using individual dots. Instead, these printers...[more]

How a Photo Negative Scanner Works

While most people use digital cameras and do not need to worry about negatives, some people still use photo negative scanners in order to create digital images of their standard photos. These photo negative scanners...[more]

A Complete List of Tripod Parts

Parts for a tripod allow photographers and videographers to take shots without having to worry about a shaking camera or camcorder, which can lead to blurry shots. Tripod parts ensure that the tripod is steady,...[more]

Why Would You Want a Transparent Frame?

Why would you want a transparent frame? Well, isn't the whole point of a picture frame to put what's inside on display? You want everyone to see your image in all of it's glory with...[more]

9 Framing Ideas for Family Photos

You can add interest and style to your family photos by framing them in unique ways. Materials for framing cannot only be found at home improvement stores, but at a second hand stores or garage...[more]

7 Reasons to Choose Wood Frames for Your Photos

Photos in wood frames add a look of individuality to a room. Their simplicity and versatility give them an edge over frames made from other materials. The following are some reasons to choose wood frames...[more]

A Guide to Photo Mats

Photo mats describes the process of photo mounting to a mat board that has an opening that is cut the same size as the photo. The photo is then actually attached with framing tape to...[more]

Getting the Most Into a Mini Camera Bag

There are different considerations to make when you are packing your mini camera bag for a photo shoot or trip. It can sometimes be very helpful to have a small camera bag that only has...[more]

How a Camera Flash Circuit Works

A camera flash circuit is something that can help to make your picture look its best. You will find that without a flash, it is easy for a picture to appear fuzzy or hard to...[more]

Three Digital Video Camera Lens Explained

A video camera lens is an important part of your camcorder. Professional camcorders allow you to implement interchangeable lenses of many different sizes. In contrast, consumer camcorder lenses can be broken down into three categories:...[more]

3 Best LCD Screen Protectors Available

LCD screen protectors are relatively inexpensive accessories that can be fixed onto your cameras screen. These are designed to protect it from scratches and any other damage. They are normally made from thin plastic, which...[more]

How to Travel with Your Digital Video Pro Camera in Airports

Traveling with your digital video pro camera can be a difficult task. You should check in with the airline you will be flying on for any specific requirements. Most airlines will allow you to bring your...[more]

Beyond the Battery: How to Use Alternative Power Sources on DV Camera

If you find yourself in a situation where you DV camera's battery is about to die, then you need to find alternative power sources. The only way to power a camera without the battery is...[more]

All About FireWire

Firewire and USB are two competing types of connection used for cameras and external storage devices. Although USB is the most popular form of connection for consumers there are plenty of reasons why video editors...[more]

Displaying Your Photos: Snapshot Frames

Snapshot frames are one of Urban Outfitter's latest products designed for uniquely displaying photos in your home. They're sold in sets of 5 for $10. Snapshot frames are designed to look like the instant photos...[more]

Displaying Your Photos: Hanging Photo Clip

Urban Outfitters is now selling very modern devices for displaying photos in your home. One of these is the Hanging Photo Clip. According to the website, the Hanging Photo Clip is "a simplistic, modern way...[more]

Displaying Your Photos: Crisscross Photo Clip

The Crisscross photo clip is unique accessory for displaying photos available for purchase through Urban Outfitters. The marketers claim that "Crisscross will make you want to...hang some pictures." So, what exactly is the Crisscross photo...[more]

Displaying Your Photos: Picture Window

Urban Outfitters has recently released a wide range of products designed for uniquely displaying photos in your home. One of these products is the Picture Window, a long plastic sleeve that allows the customer to...[more]

Displaying Your Photos: Vinyl Pockets Shower Curtain

There are dozens of different methods of displaying photos. Digital photo frames are one useful option, however, these require electricity to work. Not only does this make hanging them on the wall difficult, but also...[more]

Displaying Your Photos: Snap Photo Frames

There are lots of ways of displaying photos, and all of these have their own advantages. You might want to consider each different technique as a way to display your digital and print photos. Digital...[more]

Keep Your SLR Close with Camera Wrist Straps

Camera wrist straps will make your camera safe and sound. Cameras can be very expensive, which is why you need to do everything you can to take care of them. One of the easiest things...[more]

The Polar Panorama Effect: Create Your Own Photo Planets in Photoshop

Creating photo planets in Photoshop is a wonderful effect which makes your photographs look unique. Photoshop is a powerful image editing application which makes many projects surprisingly simple. A panoramic photo can be turned into...[more]

Displaying Your Photos: SD Photo Album

Digital photos are wonderful, but displaying photos can be a little difficult. Putting an SD card into a digital photo frame is one option. The problem with these is that they need batteries and power...[more]

How To Use a White Balance Lens Cap

If you have problems with getting the white balance of your digital photographs correct, then a white balance lens cap may be exactly what you are looking for. With a white balance lens cap, there...[more]

Underwater Photography: Care for Your Underwater Camera Housing Unit

If you plan on taking your camera in the water with you, you will need to purchase underwater camera housing. Most digital camera manufacturers do not produce underwater camera housings, so you will need to purchase one...[more]

Knowing the Depth Ratings on Your Underwater Camera Housing

The depth rating of your underwater camera housing is very important if you plan on bringing your camera with you when you scuba dive or go for a swim. Unfortunately, many digital camera manufacturers do not...[more]

Which Camcorder Microphone is Right for You?

In the world of video what you hear is just as important as what you see. In fact, an audience is actually more forgiving to poorly shot images than they are to audio they can't...[more]

2 Homemade Tripods and How To Make Them

Building simple tripods at home can be done with just a few simple materials. These homemade tripods are great for unexpected moments where photographing with a tripod is ideal. The tennis ball method is also...[more]

What is an E-TTL External Flash?

One of the most impressive technological advances in digital cameras today is the external flash. Traditional photography was, for a long time, hampered by the inconsistency and difficulty of managing the light flash while capturing a shot. Those...[more]

Underwater Photography: Replacing Your Broken Underwater Strobe

An underwater strobe is an important tool to the underwater photographer. After all, it helps you overcome the poor lighting conditions that happen when water absorbs light. Since you need to get your underwater shots,...[more]

Underwater Photography: How to Care for Your Underwater Strobe

An underwater strobe is a light specifically designed for underwater photography. It is basically a handheld flash, and it is used in 95% of underwater shots because there is a lot of light lost due...[more]

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