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Choosing the Right Steadicam Equipment

You will need to know the weight of your camera so that you can choose the right Steadicam equipment. Steadicam models are available that can hold cameras that weigh half of a pound all...[more]

3 Important Features of the Steadicam Zephyr

The Steadicam Zephyr combines technology that is available in the Steadicam Pilot, Flyer, and Archer 2. If you are not familiar with the Steadicam Zephyr, the Steadicam Zephyr is a camera stabilizer. The Steadicam...[more]

Steadicam Tango: Film from Floor to Ceiling

The Steadicam Tango acts like a single sled, except that all the components needed are built into the system. The system is very stable and simple to use, and it was built to make...[more]

Making a DIY Steadicam

Making a DIY Steadicam is a cheap and effective way to get the shots you want for your videos. Before the invention of the steadicam in the 1970s, there were only two ways to...[more]

How to Use the Steadicam Pilot

Steadicam Pilot is an upscale stabilizer system for professional cameras, which weighs from 3 to 10 pounds. It is a very useful tool for video professionals who find it a complete choice for their...[more]

How to Properly Wear a Steadicam Vest

The Steadicam Flyer allows users to move around while wearing a camcorder via the Steadicam Vest. But, before a user can start walking around in the vest, they have to know how to properly...[more]

Achieving Dynamic Balance on a Steadicam

Achieving dynamic balance is crucial for steadicam operation to be properly executed because it keeps the camera level during movement. A steadicam rig makes it possible for camera movement to be achieved without using...[more]

Panning and Tilting with the Steadicam Flyer

The Steadicam Flyer from Tiffen is one of the best designed steadicams on the market today, and it offers great features. With panning and tilting being important aspects of shooting a scene from a...[more]

Steadicam Flyer: Changing Direction

Changing directions while wearing the Steadicam Flyer can be a difficult task at first. You want to be able to change the direction that you are moving in without changing the direction of your...[more]

Steadicam Flyer: Shooting Over the Shoulder

The Steadicam Flyer is a portable system which functions similar to a dolly and is used to make more stable shots. It is not hard to use but will require some practice. Learning how...[more]

Steadicam Flyer: Walking a Straight Line

Tiffen Steadicam Flyer allows users to keep a camera and video camera steady even if they are moving. Basically, the camera will hook to the person’s body via a body vest. This body vest...[more]

Setting up a Steadicam Flyer

Tiffen’s Steadicam Flyer allows users to take videos, even if they are walking around. This is done via a vest that goes on the person that the video camera hooks into. But, a user...[more]

How to Set Up the Steadicam Archer

Steadicam Archer is a full and complete system packed with all necessary features and accessories needed in video editing and production. Both the original program and the second generation program, known as Steadicam Archer...[more]

Advantages of the Steadicam Merlin

The Steadicam Merlin is the latest version of Steadicam available. The Steadicam has revolutionized film and video since its inception in 1976. Over the years, the camera has been redesigned to meet the ever-changing...[more]

3 Reasons to Use a Camera Stabilizer

Whether you are shooting home videos or professional films, the benefits of a camera stabilizer are endless. If you have shaky hands or if you are shooting footage with a heavy camera, you know...[more]

How to Build a Cheap Steadicam

A steadicam is a device used to stabilize the camera when filming a scene while it is moving. Before the invention of the tool, there were two other options for filming a scene using...[more]

3 Useful Tiffen Steadicam Models

The Tiffen Steadicam is a camera stabilizer. Some of the available Tiffen Steadicam models include the Ultra 2, the Ultra 2C, the Phantom, the Clipper 324, the Archer 2, the Flyer-LE and the Pilot....[more]

How to do Simple Camcorder Playback

Camcorder playback, or playing a recording back, in your camcorder is really simple. If you are unable to do so for some reason, and the user manual is not really helpful, this article will...[more]

Using the Lomographic FishEye Camera

When you want a shot that’s quirky, dramatic or simply distorted in an artistic way, the FishEye is the best way to go. With Lomography, it’s assumed that your shots will yield brightly colored,...[more]

4 Uses of a Fish Eye Lens

For photographers, a great piece of equipment to own is the Fish Eye Lens. This camera accessory is an extreme wide-angle lens that distorts images into a spherical orientation  Historically, the Fish Eye Lens...[more]

How to Make a Cheap Fish Eye Lens

A Fish Eye Lens can create a very unique look. They are very wide lenses that were originally developed for meteorology so that scientists could study cloud formations. They quickly became popular in photography because of...[more]

Using the Lensbaby Soft Focus Optic

The Lensbaby Soft Focus Optic is an optic that is used for capturing soft photos, such as photos of flowers and landscapes. The Lensbaby Soft Focus Optic is a member of the Lensbaby Optic...[more]

Using the Lensbaby Pinhole Zone Plate

The Lensbaby Pinhole Zone Plate is used for creating pinhole and/or zone plate photos. Generally speaking, most people use the Lensbaby Pinhole Zone Plate when they are looking to capture soft focus photos. The...[more]

Using the Lensbaby Plastic Optic

The Lensbaby Plastic Optic is one of the best optics available for creating photos that contain a lot of chromatic aberration. The Lensbaby Plastic Optic features a focal length of 55 mm and an...[more]

Using the Lensbaby Single Glass Optic

The Lensbaby Single Glass Optic belongs to the Lensbaby Optic Swap System. The Lensbaby Single Glass Optic is great for those that are looking to get soft and subtle shots, which is why many...[more]

Using the Lensbaby Double Glass Optic

Amateur and professional photographers alike know that when it comes to creating a dreamlike photograph, Lensbaby is the best accessory to turn to. Lensbaby is known for recreating hazy blurs while keeping an area...[more]

Using the Lensbaby Muse PL

Lensbaby, a popular manufacturer of selective focus lenses, has a second product to add to their motion picture line. The Lensbaby Muse PL was created for moviemakers and cinematographers who want to incorporate the...[more]

Using the Lensbaby 3GPL

The Lensbaby Movie Lenses come in two forms, one of which is the Lensbaby 3GPL. Due to their popularity among DSLR users, this popular lens brand has come up with some specialty gear for...[more]

Using the Lensbaby Step Up/Shade

The Lensbaby line of lenses is slowly gaining popularity among photographers and videographers alike, because of its flexibility in being able to take pictures with one distinct spot in sharp focus, while the rest...[more]

Using the Lensbaby Creative Aperture Kit

Lensbaby lenses are gaining a big cult following among professional and amateur photographers alike. One of their hot items is the Lensbaby Creative Aperture Kit. With this kit, your aperture shape is no longer...[more]

Using the Lensbaby Super Wide Angle Lens

Lensbaby lenses have become highly popular among photographers due to the dreamy, diffused effect they provide. Unlike other normal lens add-ons that can recreate this halo feel, Lensbaby has a flexible grip that allows...[more]

Using the Lensbaby Wide Angle Lens

Taking dreamy, blurry photos is a breeze with Lensbaby lenses. Lensbaby is best known for achieving shots with Selective Focus. The Sweet Spot – the sharpest area in your frame – is adjustable due...[more]

Using the Lensbaby Macro Kit

Those familiar with the Lensbaby line know very well that this popular brand of specialized lenses is best for dramatic, dreamlike shots. Lensbaby has been very successful in penetrating the world of professional photographers...[more]

Using the Lensbaby Control Freak

The Control Freak lens from Lensbaby is a lens that can be used for selective focus. Selective focus creates photos that have a single object in focus, with the rest of the image out...[more]

Using the Lensbaby Composer

The Lensbaby composer is a brand new lens created by Lensbaby. The design of the lens mimics a ball and socket in order to get the smoothest selective focus. Selective focus is used frequently...[more]

Using the Lensbaby Muse

The Lensbaby Muse is 1 of 3 different special lenses that can be used for differential focus. This focus is frequently used on nature photos and portraits, and will have the subject be sharp...[more]

Making a Tilt Shift Lens for Cheap

A Tilt Shift Lens is a very useful type of lens to have in your camera bag. This makes it possible to create some unique and interesting photographs which look like toys. The only...[more]

11 Common Blue Screen Problems

Blue screen problems are a common thing these days. Photographers frequently use blue screen techniques in their work. Let’s see some common aspects that can create problems. 1. Similar Colors Whenever you are deciding...[more]

Making the Optimum Set for Ultimatte

Ultimatte is a very sophisticated plug-in that was developed for video compositing. You will be able to use this advanced plug-in with a host of applications like Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop, Apple Shake...[more]

Ultimatte: Compositing Death-Defying Scenes

One of the most powerful tools available for filmmakers of all levels is Ultimatte, the compositing tool that seamlessly melds characters with scenes and backgrounds that never existed outside of your imagination. Throughout most...[more]

Taking Care of Your Chroma Key Equipment

Your Chroma Key equipment is essential in making your intended video project a huge success.  They can save you the extra expenses of having a professional studio do the work for you. Your Chroma...[more]

Professional Chroma Key Equipment at Amateur Prices

A chroma key equipment can be used for green screen or blue screen effects depending on its type. Chroma key is known as green screen effects because the green background is completely replaced. Green is...[more]

Primatte Keyer: Using the Light Wrap Feature

A primatte keyer can be used for green screen effects. It works by extracting any color key from the background. Some of the benefits include the ability to deal with lighting issues such as...[more]

Overcoming Uneven Lighting Using Primatte Keyer

Primatte Keyer 4.1 allows seamless integration between green screen images and new backgrounds. This program allows users to capture the finer details and refine the uneven lighting that often comes when images are transferred...[more]

Masking in Primatte: A Simple 1-2-3 Step Process

Primatte is a plugin which can be used with Adobe Photoshop to mask solid background colors. This makes it very easy to replace the background with anything else. In other words, the Primatte Photoshop plugin is...[more]

How to Composite Fine Hair Using Ultimatte AdvantEdge

Ultimatte AdvantEdge plug-in allows users to capture fine details like hair, smoke or water from green or blue screen shots. This is quite an advantage over traditional tools like chroma key. Ultimatte AdvantEdge is...[more]

Ultimatte: Getting the Most Out of Your Blue Screen

When you are working with Ultimatte software, being able to get the most out of your blue screen is easy. This step by step guide will tell you how to do so. Step 1:...[more]

Chroma Key Paper: Common Problems in the Studio

Chroma key paper can be very useful in helping you on a green screen shoot. But, the thing to remember about it is that it is there for support. It’s meant to fill in...[more]

The Challenges of Building Chroma Key Sets

Chroma key sets are where green screen effects are shot. These effects allow movies to go places that otherwise might not have been possible such as space, a volcano or a heavily stylized black...[more]

Muslin Backdrop vs. Chroma Key Paint

Chroma key can use a muslin backdrop or green paint to create a space that can be shot against. A professional green screen studio is a room that is painted green. There are benefits...[more]

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