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C Stand: Finding the Right One

The C Stand or Century Stand is an important piece of equipment in any shoot, as it should safely support the costly equipment you fix on it. There are a few types of the...[more]

Tripod Dolly: What to Look For

A tripod dolly is basically a wheeled platform that a tripod can be attached to which enables it to move. This movement creates a shot that is similar to the ones you would get...[more]

Tripod Dolly: Assembling Cheaply

A tripod dolly is a cheap and effective way to create dolly shots. If buying a tripod dolly is not an option for you, then you can easily make your own at home.  What...[more]

Making a Jib Arm at Home

A jib arm is basically a mini crane that is used on film sets to create crane like shots. It won't be the same as using a 50 foot Techno crane, but it still...[more]

Dolly Wheels: What to Look for

Dolly wheels are an essential part to a camera dolly's operation. Whether it's a dolly operating freely on the ground or if it's on track, the quality of the wheels plays a huge factor...[more]

Ladder Dolly: How and Why

A ladder dolly is a camera dolly system that employs a standard extension ladder as its track. The hardware needed to support this system is affordable, and the ladder dolly system is fast to...[more]

Low Camera Dolly: How to Assemble

A low camera dolly is a specialized camera dolly that places the camera low to the ground so that it can capture some very nice low angle shots. You can buy professional low camera...[more]

Making a Wooden Dolly for Filming

A wooden dolly is a do-it-yourself camera sliding system that you can easily make on a Saturday afternoon in your garage. You'll be able to give some smooth movement to your shots, but it...[more]

Building a Slider Camera Dolly

A slider camera dolly is a great tool to have for your video projects. It allows you to have some subtle and smooth camera movement, without needing to use a regular dolly system. You...[more]

Making a Dolly Track with PVC Pipe

Dolly track is usually needed for smooth dolly shots. But, a dolly and track can be expensive for the independent low budget filmmaker to rent or own. So, how can you get cost effective dolly...[more]

Skate Wheel Dollies: Understanding and Operating

Skateboard wheel dollies make it possible for a dolly to effortlessly and silently move on track. Some dollies are exclusively made with skateboard wheels and can only be used on track, while others can...[more]

Glidetrack Shooter: Understanding and Overview

The Glidetrack shooter is a new piece of film equipment that should be a must-have for anyone investing in a DLSR camera that shoots HD like the Canon 5D. What makes the Glidetrack so...[more]

Doorway Dolly: How to Operate

A doorway dolly is the most basic kind of professional camera dolly system manufactured. At it's core, it's a wooden platform with wheels. But, it is more than that. Interchangeable push bars allow for...[more]

Dolly Track: How to Assemble

Assembling dolly track is all about keeping it secure and level. It takes some practice to do it right, but it is fairly easy to learn. To lay dolly track, you will need the...[more]

Building an iPhone Dolly

An iPhone is currently the most advanced cell phone camera on the market. You can shoot high quality video with this phone that can rival a traditional camcorder. But, because an iPhone isn't a...[more]

Building a Tripod Mounted Dolly

A tripod is the filmmaker's most essential tool for mounting the camera to obtain a steady shot. Steady shots are nice, but nothing says professional video more than the smooth movement of a dolly...[more]

How to Use a Camera Dolly

A camera dolly is a great piece of film equipment to have on your set because it can be used to add production value to your movie by creating moving shots with smooth movement....[more]

4 Uses of a Camera Dolly in Movies

Having a camera dolly for your movie can make a world of difference in terms of production value. Movies are motion pictures and that means that they require motion. If there isn't motion happening...[more]

Making a DIY Camera Dolly

There are basically two methods to making your own DIY camera dolly. You can either make one with wheels that can move anywhere, or you can build one that can only be used on...[more]

Building a Rail System for a Digital Camera


3 Great Features of the Arriflex 235


Cmotion: Controlling Focus with the Coperate


Understanding Follow Focus


Camera Jib: Rent or Buy?


Making a Camera Jib for Less Than $60


Making a Camera Crane at Home


Technical Specs of the Chrosziel MB 450


Birns and Sawyer: Better to Rent


3 Reasons to Use a Cavision Matte Box


Picking the Right Cavision Matte Box


4 Reasons to Use a Matte Box to Block Light


How the Glidecam Smooth Shooter Works

The Glidecam Smooth Shooter works just like a Steadicam. It allows users to achieve camera movement without using large devices like dollies and cranes, and does not create the shaky footage you get when...[more]

Steadicam Pilot: Adding Weight and Increasing Length

Steadicam Pilot is a very useful tool if you are a professional video producer. If you have managed to assemble it properly and you have already used it, you know that there are still...[more]

Steadicam Pilot: Adjusting the Arm

You will need to adjust the arm on your Steadicam Pilot after you have adjusted the balance of the sled and placed the vest on your body. The purpose of adjusting the arm on...[more]

Steadicam Pilot: Attaching the Camera

The Steadicam Pilot is a new device which uses the Steadicam technology. The device is composed of three main parts: the sled, the arm and the vest worn by the cameraman. This system is...[more]

Steadicam Merlin: Shooting on Stairs

One of the best accessories a videographer can have is the Steadicam Merlin. This nifty piece of equipment allows for steadier handheld shots. Any videographer knows that when it comes to tracking action or...[more]

Steadicam Merlin: Trimming For Shots

Steadicam Merlin is a camera stabilizing system for light weight camcorders. Based on the professional Steadicam Technology that is employed in the entertainment industry world wide, it is an ultra-light, ultra-compact, strong stabilizer that...[more]

Steadicam Merlin: Knowing the Film Positions

The Steadicam Merlin is a device used to stabilize the camera for steadier shots. It is based on the technology of the Steadicam, which is renowned and used extensively worldwide in producing film and...[more]

Steadicam Merlin: The Importance of Hand Positions

There are two ways to hold the Steadicam Merlin. You can hold the Steadicam Merlin with one hand or with two hands. It is highly recommended that you hold the Steadicam Merlin with two...[more]

Assembling a Steadicam Merlin

Assembling a Steadicam Merlin should take no more than a few minutes. There is no true assembly required with the Steadicam Merlin. The Steadicam Merlin is shipped to you in folded or travel mode....[more]

Mounting a Camera to a Steadicam Merlin

Ask any videographer who is accustomed to backpack shoots, and they will certainly say that the Steadicam Merlin is one of the best inventions made for the film industry. Handheld video shoots often encounter...[more]

Maintaining a Steadicam Archer

A Steadicam Archer is considered a major investment for cameramen and filmmakers, not just in terms of money but also time and effort in learning how to use the system. Using a Steadicam device...[more]

How to Walk with a Steadicam Archer

Walking with the Steadicam Archer is actually very easy. Simply put, you want to walk as normally as possible when you are wearing your Steadicam Archer. Believe it or not, the way that you...[more]

Steadicam Archer: Finding the Right Arm Adjustment

The Steadicam Archer comes equipped with a G-50 arm. The G-50 arm on the Steadicam Archer has a lifting capacity of 10 to 50 pounds. To adjust the arm of the Steadicam Archer, you...[more]

Maintaining Dynamic Balance with a Steadicam Archer

The Steadicam Archer is a system that allows users to freely move around while still containing all of their needed video production equipment. Basically, all the equipment is connected into a vest that the...[more]

Maintaining Static Balance with a Steadicam Archer

The Steadicam Archer is a state of the art camera mounting and stabilizing apparatus that is widely used by cameramen in the global entertainment and film trade. The aim of the Archer, as it...[more]

Attaching a Camera to a Steadicam Archer

The Steadicam Archer is capable of holding cameras that weigh 12 to 50 pounds. Before you attach your camera to the Steadicam Archer, all accessories that you plan on using should be attached to...[more]

Fitting the Steadicam Archer Vest

The Steadicam Archer comes with an LX Vest. It is likely that you will be wearing the Steadicam Archer for extended periods of time, so it is crucial that the vest be properly adjusted...[more]

4 Important Features of the Prolite

The Prolite is a camera stabilization unit that is made by VariZoom. The Prolite weighs only 17.15 pounds and features a 7 inch 16:9 LCD screen so that you can easily view what you...[more]

Roxio Video Capture USB: Preserving Home Movies

If you have any videos stuck on old formats such as VHS, then you can use Roxio Video Capture USB to release them. It's a shame that many families have precious home movies on...[more]

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