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3 Reasons to Use Dome Security Cameras

You will probably come across dome security cameras each and every time you visit a retail store. Dome security cameras are the small, dome-shaped objects that you see hanging on the ceiling in many retail...[more]

3 Useful Home Surveillance Cameras for Cheap

It can be hard selecting the right home surveillance cameras because of the wide selection that is available today. Believe it or not, cheap home surveillance cameras are often just as good as ones...[more]

3 Reasons to use a Wireless Home Security Camera

Years ago, you would have had to pay a fortune for a wireless home security camera. As technology has evolved, the prices of wireless home security cameras have drastically dropped. Reasons to use a...[more]

Making a Wireless Home Security Camera Yourself

It's very easy to design and make a wireless home security camera yourself. You might already have many of the components required lying around to assemble and make your camera. Step 1: Finding a...[more]

Making a Outdoor Security Camera for Cheap

An outdoor security camera is a great way to protect your property from danger. These cameras work in two ways. Firstly, they work as a deterrent to prevent people from intruding on your property....[more]

[number] Reasons to Bring an Outdoor Security Camera Camping

An outdoor security camera might not be something that you would normally take camping. However, there are many reasons why you might want to consider packing one. A security camera will be able to...[more]

Home Security Video Camera: Protecting Your Small Business

The popularity of using a home security video camera has gone far beyond the home. With the increasing crime rates related to theft, it is becoming more important for businesses to improve their security...[more]

3 Reasons to Set up Home Security Camera Systems

Regardless of the neighborhood that you live in, it is always a good idea to set up home security camera systems. Home security camera systems serve as a deterrent to potential criminals, allow you...[more]

5 Tips for Optimizing Home Security Camera Systems

Home Security camera systems are a fantastic way of protecting your belongings and your property from theft. However, installing these cameras can be expensive. This means that you should do your research and ensure...[more]

How to Identify a Camera Model's Lens Mount

Every camera brand has a different type of lens mount, which means that it's important to choose the right type of lens to suit your camera. The lens mounts also change from time to...[more]

What is a Lens Mount Thread Pitch?

A thread pitch is the measurement in millimeters of the distance between the threads of a screw. A lens mount serves as a connector between the body of a camera and a lens, and...[more]

What is a Lens Mount Throat Diameter?

The lens mount in the body of the camera enables the user to interchange lenses. Most of the SLR and DSLR cameras will have a lens mount, whereas certain point and shoot cameras have...[more]

What is an Interchangable Lens Mount?

A lens mount is part of every camera which has interchangeable lenses. You will need to understand what this is so that you can ensure they are compatible with your camera. What Is the Lens...[more]

What Is a Secondary Lens Mount?

A lens Mount is basically an interface which facilitates the joining of a lens with the camera body or another lens. When the lens mount is structured mainly within the body of the camera...[more]

Using CCD Cameras for Astrophotography

When it comes to astrophotography, your camera choices are DSLR cameras, DSC cameras, webcams and CCD cameras. CCD cameras that are used for astrophotography are typically used in conjunction with a telescope. Many people...[more]

3 Reasons to use an ETX Telescope for Astrophotography

The ETX telescope is made by Meade, a leader in the telescope industry since 1972. The ETX telescope is a great telescope for astrophotography because it is easily mounted, has a smooth motor, and...[more]

Building an Astrophotography Camera

An astrophotography camera is a great way to capture videos at night. These cameras are designed to capture infrared light and work in low light conditions. These cameras are very expensive to buy new,...[more]

Telescope Mirrors: Maintaining and Cleaning

Telescope Mirrors do get dirty over time and need to be cleaned, but it may not be as often as you think. It is generally advised that unless the dirt is drastically reducing the...[more]

Making your Own Dew Heater

Moisture condenses on cold objects and forms dew, and hence a dew heater is an easy solution to this problem. The problem of dew condensation is more pronounced when you are shooting in a...[more]

Picking the Right Astrophotography Telescope

It can be very difficult to pick the right astrophotography telescope. Telescopes for astrophotography can range in price from a couple of hundred bucks to a few thousand bucks. When you are comparing astrophotography...[more]

Using Solar Filters for Cameras

Solar filters are used in astrophotography to help obtain the best shots of the sun, protect the lenses, protect the camera, and to protect the operator's eyes. The filters are designed to absorb the...[more]

Astrophotography Camera: Nikons VS. Canons

Nikon and Canon are some of the more renowned brands when it comes to astrophotography cameras. This is not to say that other brands do not produce their own models for use in astrophotography....[more]

Capturing HDR Photos with a Nikon D50 Camera

The Nikon D50 Camera enables you take excellent DSLR quality photos at an affordable price. It is also possible to capture a set of photos with different exposure settings so that you can use...[more]

Elinchrom Octa Use in Fashion Photography

The Elinchrom Octa can be used in a variety of ways in the field of fashion photography. The following lists the various ways that you can make use of it in your fashion studio....[more]

How a Flat Reflector Makes for Great Lighting

A light reflector is used to modify the lighting effect so that it is softer and falls more evenly over the subject. With the reflector, the harsh light is diffused and drastic shadows and...[more]

XS Litedome: Uses and Techniques

The Litedome package is an easy-to-use flash stand which makes various techniques possible. The Litedome kit is suitable for shoe flash mounts and comes with most of the things that you need--a standard connector,...[more]

How to Operate the Photoflex Litedisc Holder

The Photoflex Litedisc is a collapsable bounce card used mostly for still photo shoots. The Photoflex Litedisc is usually hand held by an assistant when the photographer is shooting because it is made out...[more]

Photoflex: Large Cinedome Pro Specs

The Photoflex Large Cinedome Pro is a professional piece of lighting equipment, which can be used in a variety of situations. There are three different sizes of Cinedomes available, and each of these are perfect...[more]

Photoflex: Medium Cinedome Pro Specs

Photoflex is a world leading manufacturer of studio and professional lighting for photographs. Its products are very popular among photography professionals who want to use reliable products to “light their way” to videos, photographs...[more]

Photoflex: Small Cinedome Pro Specs

The Photoflex Small Cinedome Pro is a useful piece of equipment. This makes it very easy to carry professional lights everywhere you go, and the small cine dome makes it easy to direct light...[more]

Alienbees Ring Flash: Technical Specs

The Alienbees Ring Flash is also known as the ABR800 Alienbees. The Alienbees Ring Flash is a ringflash system that is typically used by photographers. Photographers love using ringflash systems in their studios because...[more]

Making a Backlight Stand at Home

A Backlight Stand is quite a handy piece of equipment when you are looking to mount your light source. There are a variety of such stands available in the market and many are of...[more]

Making a Ring Flash for Cheap

A ring flash is a tool attached around the lens area of the camera. It is a mechanism which functions in the same way as a soft box, providing consistent and even illumination, yet...[more]

Picking the Right Alienbees Flash Unit

It can be a bit difficult trying to pick the right Alienbees Flash Unit. There are three different Alienbees Flash Units available. Those Flash Units are the B400, the B800 and the B1600. This...[more]

Alienbees B1600: Uses and Functionality

The B1600 is the top of the line studio flash unit that is made by Alienbees. The Alienbees B1600 weighs 3.7 pounds and has dimensions of 9 inches by 7.5 inches by 5.5 inches....[more]

Alienbees B800: Uses and Functionality

The Alienbees B800 is a studio flash unit that is self-contained. Alienbees makes three studio flash units, and the Alienbees B800 is a step above the B400, but a step below the B1600. The...[more]

Alienbees B400: Uses and Functionality

The Alienbees B400 is a studio flash unit. The Alienbees B400 is capable of producing up to 160 true wattseconds, 400 effective wattseconds and 7,000 lumenseconds. The power variability for the Alienbees B400 is...[more]

Elinchrom: How to Use the Snoot

The Elinchrom Snoot is conical shaped accessory for a light source, which will restrict the area of light spread making it smaller. The Snoot comes with a grid attachment, which will make the small...[more]

Elinchrom: Understanding the Rotalux Softbox

The Elinchrom Company produces a number of softboxes for professional photographers. Under the company line, there are two types of softboxes: the ROtalux Deep Octa and the Portalite Softbox. Both products are simple to...[more]

Differentiating an Elinchrom Octa from a Softbox

The Elinchrom Octa has an exclusive design that has given this large portable softbox recognition within the international fashion photography world. Its popularity has been proven by the number of professional photographers that own...[more]

Elinchrom Octa: How to Use

Elinchrom Octa is highly sophisticated light modifier that can give very even and smooth light. It is a highly versatile piece of equipment for the photographer, as it can be used for getting different...[more]

Softbox vs Umbrella

Many people who are into photography will want to know whether they should use a softbox or an umbrella. Both of these work by softening the light from a flash, but they are better...[more]

Umbrella Lights: How to Operate

For photographers going pro, umbrella lights are pieces of equipment which are versatile and extremely helpful. This looks just like an umbrella, but with a reflective surface inside. The way it works is that...[more]

How a Lighting Umbrella Works

Light is very important when taking a photo, which is why a lighting umbrella might be so useful. All photographs are made up of light, and a lack of light could result in your...[more]

How a Softbox Works

A softbox is a tool used in photography to help light a scene or a subject more evenly. It creates a diffused lighting effect, producing a softer yet more natural lighting condition compared to...[more]

Making a Softbox for Cheap

A Softbox provides a soft and even lighting effect which is ideal for a shoot. The only problem is that this light modifying equipment is quite expensive when you purchase it at a photography...[more]

Lighting Umbrella: Making One for Cheap

If you have ventured into photography, one of the most useful accessories you can have is the lighting umbrella. This peripheral is a collapsible dome with a reflective surface. Best used for portfolio or...[more]

Understanding C Stands

In both photography and video production, one practically cannot survive without the ever-dependable C Stands. C Stands, or Century Stands, are a must-have for all your lighting needs and fixtures. Grips are most accustomed...[more]

Making a C Stand for 30 Dollars

Knowing how to create a C stand on your own is useful if you are an avid photographer. C stands--also known as century stands--are used in photo studios or by amateur photographers because they...[more]

Making a C Stand for 10 Dollars

The C Stand or Century Stand is one of the most necessary tools you will need in your photography. Whether you have gone pro or are merely starting out, no piece of lighting equipment...[more]

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