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Oval Picture Frame: Preparing Your Image

If you have chosen an oval picture frame for your picture, then you will first need to do some preparation. This will ensure that the image is the right shape to fit properly into...[more]

3 Uses for a Cardboard Picture Frame

A cardboard picture frame is one of the best frames that you can ever get because it is durable and light on the pocket. There are many kinds and uses for these cardboard picture...[more]

How to Make a Cardboard Picture Frame

A cardboard picture frame is a very easy way to display your photos on your wall. While it might be easier to buy a photo frame, it's much more personal to make your own....[more]

Basics to Hanging a Picture Frame in Your House

Hanging a picture frame on your wall is something that is very easy to do. This is a great way to display your photographs or pieces of art work on your wall. A picture...[more]

Collage Picture Frame: Usage and Understanding

A collage picture frame is mainly used to display many pictures. This frame is particularly useful when there is more than one photo to be shown as a group, similar to something out of...[more]

How to Make a Collage Picture Frame at Home

Any photos or pictures will look great kept in a collage picture frame. This is a great way of using up any scraps of paper you have available. Quite often train tickets, movie stubs...[more]

Uploading a Picture into a Digital Frame

If you have a picture digital frame with built-in storage, then you will need to find out how to upload images. These photo frames all work in the same basic way. They either read...[more]

WiFi Digital Picture Frame: Why Buy?

A WiFi digital picture frame is equipped with a wireless network antenna. This means that it can be connected to your network, which makes it useful for a number of different reasons. As these...[more]

Is there a Best Digital Picture Frame?

Choosing the best digital picture frame can be very difficult because there are so many to choose from. All of the digital photo frames have different features, which make them suitable for different people....[more]

3 Reasons to Buy a Westinghouse Digital Picture Frame

There are many reasons to buy a Westinghouse digital picture frame. Westinghouse is a fairly unknown name in the digital picture frame industry, but they actually manufacture high quality products. The reasons to buy...[more]

Cool Features of the Peak 7 Inch Digital Photo Frame

The Peak 7 inch digital photo frame is a great digital photo frame for displaying your photos. To use the photo frame, you simply insert a compatible memory card and you will be able to...[more]

3 Reasons to Buy Sony Digital Picture Frames

There are many reasons to buy Sony digital picture frames. Features of Sony digital picture frames that you will love include the large screen sizes, multi-card slots and built-in memory. Sony digital picture frames are...[more]

Key Features of a Polaroid Digital Picture Frame

Key features of a Polaroid digital picture frame include large screen sizes, built-in memory storage and motion picture effect. As technology evolves, digital picture frames are slowly becoming very popular. Many digital picture frames,...[more]

Where to Buy a Wholesale Picture Frame

If you are a professional photography, then buying wholesale picture frames could be a great way to make some extra money. One of the easiest ways to earn some extra income and win customers...[more]

Choosing the Right Picture Frame Moulding

Picture frame moulding plays a major role in bringing out the beauty of your picture and can also prove to be an ornamental piece for your wall. Here are the different factors which you...[more]

Why Buy an LCD Picture Frame?

An LCD picture frame is a special type of photo frame which can be used to display all of your digital photos. You will need to discover the benefits before you can decide whether...[more]

Selecting the Right Smartparts Digital Picture Frame

Selecting the right Smartparts digital picture frame can be a difficult decision. Smartparts makes two digital picture frames that you can choose from. Those digital picture frames are the Smartparts Optipix and the Smartparts...[more]

Digital Picture Frames: What to Look For

Digital picture frames are a good way of displaying your digital photos somewhere that they can be enjoyed. These digital frames use a LCD screen to play back images off a memory card or...[more]

Making a Metal Picture Frame at Home

Making a metal picture frame is a great way to display your photos in an affordable way. Many metal photo frames are expensive. However, it's possible to save money by making your very own....[more]

Making a Wooden Picture Frame at Home

A wooden picture frame provides excellent casing for your cherished images and also proves to be very decorative for your home. It is easy to make a wooden picture frame at home, thus saving...[more]

Where to Buy Picture Frame Supplies

There are many places that you can buy picture frame supplies at. You can buy picture frame supplies at your local arts and crafts store or you can buy picture frame supplies online. You...[more]

Finding Panoramic Cameras for Cheap

Panoramic Cameras are designed to make it very easy to take panoramas. These cameras are generally very expensive, however, there are some good ways to get a bargain. When looking for panoramic photos at...[more]

3 Useful Panoramic Cameras

Panoramic cameras come in handy when you need to take wide angle shots. Many digital cameras are now coming with panoramic capabilities. With most panoramic cameras, you simply turn the dial on your digital...[more]

Picking the Right Panoramic Camera for the Job

A panoramic camera has been used for years because it allows photographers to capture large and elongated photos, which result in great landscape photos. Because of the large number of manufacturers and panoramic cameras,...[more]

How Stereoscopic Glasses Work

3D images can be viewed with a pair of stereoscopic glasses. With today’s advancements in technology, stereoscopic glasses come in many forms. There’s the red and cyan cardboard pair that allows us to watch...[more]

Knowing How a Stereoscopic Camera Works

A stereoscopic camera allows users to capture images that are instantly rendered in 3D. Whether a photo or video camera, stereoscopic cameras contain more than one lens, each with their own separate image sensor...[more]

Making a Stereoscopic Camera at Home

If you want to purchase a stereoscopic camera to create 3D images and videos, you must be ready to spend a hefty amount. If you’re not ready to make the investment in professional-grade stereoscopic...[more]

How to Use a Digiscope Adapter

A digiscope adapter is used to attach your camera to the eyepiece of a spotting scope. The usual type of adapter available in the market is a tube-type which fits over the eyepiece at...[more]

Digiscoping with a Canon A95 Camera

For digiscoping Canon cameras are often found to be quite good and the A95 seems to be quite popular. Here are a few pointers for the Canon A95 camera to optimize the digiscoping experience....[more]

Using a Nikon Digiscoping System

Nikon Digiscoping is synonymous with using a Nikon field scope coupled with a digital camera of your choice. You can use either the straight or the angled form of the field scope. Setting up...[more]

Using a Nikon for Digiscoping Photography

Nikon Digiscoping simply means that you are using a Nikon field scope coupled with a digital camera. Nikon provides digiscopes or telescopic lenses in the straight as well as angled formats. Both of these...[more]

Why Investing in a Weatherproof Security Camera is a Good Idea

To keep a better eye on the premises, consider installing a weatherproof security camera outdoors. The weather proofing is in the casing. This makes the camera more durable and able to withstand the outdoor...[more]

5 Instances to Use a Security Camera Phone

With the advancements in technology, an increasing number of mobile phones can be turned into a security camera phone. Taking photos using a camera phone is fun to do. Almost all who own a...[more]

How to Make a Security Camera Phone

A security camera phone is a fantastic way to find out exactly what happens in your home when you're out. Security cameras can be expensive and very difficult to install. By using your cellphone...[more]

[number] Reasons CCTV Surveillance Cameras are Beneficial

The popularity of using CCTV surveillance cameras has increased tremendously over the past few years. These devices are no longer limited to stores or high end communities and can be easily purchased from a...[more]

3 Uses for Pen Cameras

With the size and look of pen cameras, they can be brought almost anywhere to document events without being noticed. It can be a fun yet sneaky way to catch a person doing something...[more]

Final Cut: Creating a Security Camera Footage Effect

Final Cut can be used to create realistic security camera footage. This is a useful effect to apply to your videos to make them look much more realistic. This can be applied to various...[more]

Photoshop: Creating a Security Camera Footage Effect

A normal image can be converted to look as though it is security camera footage with photo editing software like Photoshop. Here is how you can create this effect. Step 1: Open Image in...[more]

How to Use Pen Cameras

Pen cameras look similar to a pen, but contain various mechanisms inside which allow them to function as a hidden camera. It comes after a series of developments in technology, causing a significant reduction...[more]

Hidden Video Surveillance: When not to Use

Hidden video surveillance cameras are often used to give owners a feeling and sense of security. However, the use of a hidden camera can be deemed illegal by the courts, depending on the reason...[more]

Why Set up Hidden Security Cameras in Schools?

Hidden security cameras are easily obtainable from a number of sources. However, the use of concealed security cameras is sometimes a highly debatable subject. Surveillance cameras can be used in public spaces and offices...[more]

Making a Dummy Security Camera for Your Business

Using Dummy Security cameras can be a great way to protect your business without spending too much money. Normal security cameras are very expensive but do work very well. Cameras are both a deterrent and...[more]

3 Reasons to Set Up Dummy Security Cameras

Dummy security cameras are a great idea, as they help to protect your home or business. Preventing yourself from being the victim of crime in the first place is always the best thing to...[more]

Where to Place Security Cameras in Your Store

Placing security cameras in a store can be a very difficult decision. You do not want to have to spend a fortune on security cameras for your store, so you need to position them...[more]

3 Reasons to Use Night Vision Home Security Cameras

Using night vision home security cameras is a great way to protect your property. There are a number of reasons why you should consider buying and using night vision security cameras. There are many...[more]

Using Wireless Spy Cameras for Pranks

Wireless spy cameras have come a long way in a short span of time. Initially created for investigative purposes, their use has broadened to include documenting pranks. They are light and easy to carry...[more]

2 Uses for Wireless Spy Cameras

Using wireless spy cameras can be a wonderful way to see everything going on in your house. These are a useful security feature which make preventing crime much simpler. Not only are these cameras...[more]

How to Use a Nanny Camera Effectively

A nanny camera is a great way to keep an eye on exactly what your nanny is doing while you're out of the home. Trust is a nice concept, but sadly it's often difficult...[more]

How to Set up a Nanny Camera in Your Home

A Nanny camera provides you with the peace of mind that your nanny is taking proper care of your children. Nanny cameras are very small and can be hidden without alerting anyone to the...[more]

How to Set Up an Outdoor Dome Camera

Installing an outdoor dome camera can be a fantastic way to prevent theft because they are a visual deterrent. Outdoor cameras also cover your front door, which will allow you to capture any criminals breaking...[more]

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