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iPad App: Syncing Photos to Your iPad

There are plenty of useful iPad app downloads which can be used to make them perfect for photographers. These portable computers are ideal for travel photographers because they are able to use the big...[more]

Following the Hipstamatic Trend for the iPhone

If you intend to use the camera on your iPhone, then you should find out about the Hipstamatic iPhone application. This is a very powerful application which makes it possible to apply various effects...[more]

What is a Speedlight?

If you are new to photography then you might not be aware of what a speedlight is. However, it's very important that you take the time to learn about what this is and how...[more]

How to Use a Speedlight With a Flash

Speedlight pertains to Nikon’s line of strobe flash devices used in photography. Devices are distinguished by a prefix of SB as part of the model’s name. These devices are purchased separately but can be...[more]

Lomo Fisheye Camera 101

The Lomo Fisheye Camera is a 35 mm camera. The Lomo Fisheye Camera is the first ever 35 mm camera that comes with a built-in fisheye lens. The Lomo Fisheye Camera measures 4.25 inches...[more]

Telephoto Lens Maintenance and Upkeep

A telephoto lens, also called a long lens, is a type of camera lens designed to capture a close-up shot over a long distance. These lenses are larger in size when compared to lenses...[more]

How to Use a Kino Flo Kelvin Tile

Since the 1980s, Kino Flo has been one of the largest manufacturers of lights used on film sets. The company, founded by gaffer Freider Hochheim and his best boy Gary Swink, was the first to...[more]

When to Use a Rustic Picture Frame

A rustic picture frame can make certain types of photos look fantastic. As a photographer, you can earn extra money by offering value added services such as picture framing. A frame is fairly cheap,...[more]

Picking the Right Custom Magnetic Picture Frame

A magnetic picture frame is a great extra to offer your customers. This is also something that is very easy to create. Magnetic frames are popular because they can be stuck onto metal objects...[more]

When to Use a Wooden Picture Frame

A wooden picture frame can add charm to a room. Wooden frames are flexible as these can come in a variety of colors and finishes to fit the style of room or home. High...[more]

3 Reasons to Set Up Hidden Security Cameras in a Gated Community

Many communities, stores or large properties make use of hidden security cameras. Needless to say, it’s all about safety and security reasons. If you are a member of a gated community and you need...[more]

3 Reasons to Use an Outdoor Dome Camera

You have probably seen a house or retail store with an outdoor dome camera. They are small dome shaped objects that hang on ceilings. They are usually tinted with dark colors, to prevent people...[more]

2 Useful Dome Security Cameras for the Office

Dome security cameras are great for the office. They are very useful and have many benefits. They give you top quality video surveillance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is a...[more]

Picking the Right Follow Focus Unit for the Job

If you are looking for a focus control mechanism that will allow the camera operator to be efficient and more precise, then a Follow Focus is what you are looking for. A Follow Focus...[more]

Ready Made Picture Frame: The Economic Advantage

Anyone offering framed photographs will be able to speed up the process by using a ready made picture frame. These are also much cheaper than making frames yourself. These frames offer a valuable framing...[more]

Three Reasons to Use a Camera Crane in Home Movies

A camera crane is a device that is used in filmmaking to shoot a scene from a distance. Larger and more sophisticated cranes are operated with a videographer sitting behind the camera or via...[more]

Telephoto Lens: How to Operate

Learning how to use a telephoto lens makes it possible to capture photos of things in the distance. This makes it possible to take photos of birds or other things that you can't get...[more]

Three Easy Steps to Lighting of Photo Studio Backgrounds

Photo studio backgrounds can be fun to work with but if they're not properly lit then they're not going to look good. Here are three easy steps to lighting one the right way. Get...[more]

Five Items to Use for Cheap Studio Lighting

When your shoot has a small budget then you have to resort to cheap studio lighting. After all, some sort of lighting is needed because it will improve the look of your image. Here...[more]

Renting the Arriflex 235

The Arriflex 235 is a lightweight film camera that is great for situations when a camera needs to be mounted and moved for a shot. This camera can be purchased and it can also...[more]

Picking the Right Aerial Camera For the Job

An aerial camera comes in many forms, which are perfect for different types of aerial photography. It's important that you choose the right type of camera for the job that you are attempting to...[more]

4 Dramatic Effects with Natural Direct Lighting

Producing natural lighting direct on your photographs can offer a great look if used and applied correctly. It is also a great option, as a lot of studios operate using only natural light because...[more]

3 Ways to Use Fluorescent Light Fixtures for Photography Lighting

Studio lighting solutions can be terribly expensive and can be a gating solution for most amateur photographers. Fluorescent light fixtures, however, provide a good alternative to traditionally expensive lighting equipment, such as a soft...[more]

How to Make a Battery Powered Video Camera Light

A video camera light makes it possible to film in high quality. Light is very important because it makes it possible to capture all of the detail in your scene. Without light, you simply...[more]

4 Differences between an IR and RF Wireless Flash Trigger

For professional photographers, the wireless trigger is a very useful gadget to enhance their projects. There are two main systems of wireless flash triggering, the Radio Frequency (RF) and the InfraRed (IR) options. Of...[more]

4 Portrait Lighting Tips with Three Canon 580ex Flashes

The Canon 580ex allows the photographer to use more than one flash to configure and achieve a diverse range of lighting effects. These effects are of high importance when it comes to portrait photography...[more]

How to Make a Ring Flash with LED's

A ring flash is a very useful device which can be used to make your photographs look much more professional. Correct lighting is very important when taking photos. A photo is made up of...[more]

Why to Add an Engraving to a Silver Picture Frame

A silver picture frame looks very special and makes any photo look much more important. As long as they are polished regularly and kept in good condition they look stunning. These photo frames can...[more]

Metal Picture Frame: When to Use

A metal picture frame is a useful way of protecting and displaying your photos. It's very easy to take lots of photographs thanks to digital cameras. It's also possible to print the photos out....[more]

When To Use a Glass Picture Frame:

A glass picture frame can be a good option as there is no color to clash with the photo or the room where the photo will be displayed and there is no need for...[more]

How to Make a Flash Bracket to Fit a Tripod

Building your own flash bracket which connects to a tripod is very easy. It is possible to buy these flash mount brackets. Fortunately though, these are actually very easy to make yourself. With a...[more]

DIY Flash Diffuser for Point-n-Shoot Cameras

Flash diffusers don’t come very cheap if you intent to purchase one. But, they do come in handy for both amateur and professional photographers. If you need to illuminate your subject, but you don’t...[more]

How to Make Your Own Tabletop Photo Studio

A tabletop photo studio makes it much easier to control the environment when photographing small objects. Although there are professional photo studios available, it's possible to make your very own tabletop studio. This will...[more]

Photo Studio Lighting Equipment: Tips for a Basic Set-up

When it comes to photo studio lighting equipment, there are many types of possible set-ups. If you are a beginner in the photography field, you should be good to go with a standard key...[more]

Make Your Own Macro Photography Lighting Rig

Anyone trying to perfect macro photography lighting might find it much easier to use a photo rig. A photo rig is a stage which also holds the lights. It's important that the lighting is...[more]

How to Use Photography Reflectors with Natural Light

In a studio, you may overlook the significance of photography reflectors. You probably turn to powered lights because you'll have much more control over the lights and will be able to change the brightness...[more]

How to Make a Flash Diffuser from Paper

Flash diffusers are a fantastic way of stopping flashes from burning out an image. A flash is a very bright burst of light which is all delivered at once. This light can cause red...[more]

The differences between bargain and quality softboxes

When choosing softboxes, you will need to spend time comparing them. Softboxes are available in different price brackets. It might be tempting to choose the softer softboxes available. However, what are the real differences...[more]

How to Choose between Hot Light or Strobes for Your Shoot

When setting up a photography studio, you have a choice between hot lights and strobe lights. But, what is the difference between these two lights? Well, it really depends on what you will be...[more]

Why to Apply Portraiture Lighting Techniques to Product Photography

Product photography lighting need not be a complicated process. Especially if you’re already adept at lighting subjects in portraiture, then the principles are similar. As with portraiture, you are trying to find the best...[more]

4 Tips to Improve Amateur Studio Lighting Kits

Professional studio lighting kits are usually expensive. If you want to act like the pros do, but you simply do not have the resources to afford professional equipment, you will have to get a...[more]

Finding Used Picture Framing Equipment

Picture framing equipment makes it very easy to make your own picture frames. This makes it simple to make your own custom frames which are suitable for different sizes and types of artwork and...[more]

Making a Leather Picture Frame at Home

A leather picture frame is normally quite expensive. However, it is actually fairly easy to make your own leather photo frame at home. These frames not only look professional, but they are completely customized....[more]

Making an Impressive Ornate Picture Frame

Just as light is a component of the composition of a picture, an ornate picture frame is a component of the art work as a whole. There are many details to consider before putting...[more]

3 Ways to Customize a White Picture Frame

In displaying your photographs, the most common accessory you will find is a white picture frame. These classic pieces are popular because they will go well with just about any type of photograph, and...[more]

Making a Bamboo Picture Frame from Home

A bamboo picture frame looks elegant and has a rustic beauty to it. It is possible to make such a frame at home, and when it is hand-made it acquires a special value and...[more]

Making Personalized Picture Frames Yourself

If you don’t want to shell out so much cash for home décor, then you can tap into your creativity to make personalized picture frames. Not only will they be tailor-fit to your tastes,...[more]

Buying Picture Frames in Bulk: Pros and Cons

Thanks to the Internet, buying picture frames in bulk is quite popular. You might be able to negotiate a bulk discount with stores in your area that sell picture frames, but generally speaking, you will need...[more]

Making a Rustic Picture Frame at Home

A rustic picture frame is a great way to show off photographs and pictures, especially if the object is woodsy or rustic itself. But, these frames can be expensive if you buy them at...[more]

Professional Picture Frame Matting from Home

If you really want your photograph or picture to pop, then you will need to add some picture frame matting. But, you do not need to spend a fortune at a picture frame company...[more]

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