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3 Reasons a Canon Wide Angle Zoom Lens is Superior to Others

If a camera lens has a focal length of less than 50 mm, then it is considered a wide-angle zoom lens and a Canon wide angle zoom lens leads the pack. These lenses have...[more]

3 Panasonic Wide Angle Lens

Panasonic digital cameras have great lenses so it’s no surprise that people would also want to add more effects to their lenses, such as a Panasonic wide angle lens, especially in the DSLR line....[more]

Picking the Right Digital Lomo Camera

A Lomo camera offers a variety of features, especially for people who are always on the go. Here are some important details that will help you buy the right one. Type of Camera The...[more]

3 Features and Benefits of Tamron Camera Lenses

Tamron camera lenses are one of the leading choices for photographers all over the world. Tamron Co., Inc. first released its initial offering of camera lenses in 1957 and is now an internationally accepted...[more]

How to Know Which Wide Angle Lens Is the Best for You

Capturing a picture-perfect photo can be attributed to using the best wide angle lens available to you. In choosing this, there are certain criteria that you need to consider prior to purchasing. Step 1:...[more]

5 Popular Websites That Have Camera Lenses for Sale

There are many websites that consumers can go to in order to find camera lenses for sale. Some are commercial sites, while others are auction sites or local listing sites like Craigslist. Here are...[more]

Why a Quality Wide Angle Converter Lens is Important

A wide angle converter lens is a camera accessory which is used to broaden the camera’s field of view. It is commonly used to photograph landscapes or seascapes, photographing more of the area even...[more]

How Memory Card Prices are Linked to Quality

When comparing memory card prices, you will find a wide range of prices for the various cards. While the cards may look identical, they are actually very different, and there are some things to...[more]

How to Choose a High Speed SD Memory Card

When choosing a high speed SD memory card, there are quite a few different things that you will need to consider. Not all of these high speed memory cards are the same. It's important...[more]

4 Features and Benefits of a Micro SD Transflash Memory Card

A micro SD transflash memory card has a number of advantages and benefits over other types of memory cards. This article will look at some of the major benefits of using these memory cards....[more]

What to Consider When Buying a Wide Angle Fisheye Lens

Trying your hand at photographic special effects would means using wide angle fisheye lens to enhance your shots, since it remains as one of the most effective accessories for stylized photos. Here are some...[more]

Differences Between a Micro M2 Memory Card and Other Types

The Micro M2 Memory Card is a simple storage device that is based on the flash media storage concept and it is generally used with most of the mobile devices nowadays. Although other media...[more]

Buying an EOS Wide Angle Lens: Differences between Brands

Buying an EOS wide angle lens can be an important decision for many photographers. An important factor to consider is the brand that you would like to buy. Following are the major differences among...[more]

How to Choose a Wide Angle Telephoto Lens

It is important to learn how to choose a wide angle telephoto lens. If you need to shoot landscapes and Mother Nature, a wide angle camera lens is the right option. Telephoto camera lenses...[more]

What to Consider When Buying a SLR Wide Angle Lens

An SLR wide angle lens provides photographers a different view from the standard kit lens. This type of lens captures more of the scene compared to the standard lens included with the camera.  Purchasing...[more]

3 Reasons to Buy a Pentax Zoom Lens Over Others

A Pentax zoom lens is a great product to use with your 35 mm digital or non-digital cameras. There are many different types of Pentax zoom lens, including sizes of 50-200 mm for taking...[more]

3 Features and Benefits of an Olympus Wide Angle Lens

Olympus wide angle lenses have always been a popular accessory for many professional photographers. After all, Olympus has been a renowned company in manufacturing cameras and camera accessories since the 1930s. Here are more...[more]

What to Consider When Buying a Wide Angle Conversion Lens

Most photographers and videographers own a wide angle conversion lens since it is one of the most useful accessories for photo shoots. It can be used indoors for shooting large shots, without you backing...[more]

3 Advantages of a Canon EOS Wide Angle Lens Over Others

The Canon EOS wide angle lens is one of the best add-ons to any photographer’s camera. Canon has been one of the most well-known names in cameras and accessories worldwide and the EOS line...[more]

Why Using a Camera Lens Hood Is Important

A camera lens hood is an accessory attached to the camera which is used to prevent flares from being photographed. Flares appear when photographing towards the direction of the light source. Sources of flares...[more]

4 Popular 55mm Lens Filters

When choosing the appropriate 55 mm lens filters for your camera, it is important to determine what effect you want to achieve in your photos. Even if you have the best filter on hand,...[more]

How to Choose a Video Wide Angle Lens

A video wide angle lens can be a saviour when you're shooting in tiny locations. It allows you to see an area that is larger than what's possible with your naked eyes. However, the...[more]

3 Popular Hoya Camera Filters for Your First SLR

Hoya camera filters are some of the best known types of filters available. These filters can be used to make photographs look different. They can also be used to simply protect your lens. This...[more]

3 Advantages of a Pentax Wide Angle Lenses

The Pentax wide angle lenses are not the cheapest tools on the market, but professional photographers have good reasons to recommend them. The best models so far are Pentax DA 16-45mm F4 ED AL,...[more]

8 Features and Benefits of a Tamron Wide Angle Lens

A Tamron wide angle lens is used for shooting panoramic landscape shots and is one of the best in the professional photography field. It offers great features, such as: 1. Broad Range The Tamron...[more]

2 Top Rated 58mm Camera Filters

If you own a camera that requires 58 mm lenses, then you will need 58 mm camera filters to use with the camera to help protect the lenses. These filters with also help you...[more]

3 Features and Benefits of a Sigma Fisheye Lens

If you are opting for a good fisheye lens that doesn’t have to be too expensive, Sigma Fisheye Lens is one of the better choices. Sigma Fisheye Lenses has been around since 1961 and...[more]

Canon Digital Wide Angle Lens: Canon vs Tamron vs Sigma

For this comparison with the Canon digital wide angle lens, the following lenses will be considered: Canon 24-70mm F/2.8 Wide Telephoto, Sigma 24-70mm F/2.8 Macro and Tamron Zoom Wide Angle-Telephoto AF 28-75mm f/2.8. Sigma...[more]

3 Popular Lens Accessories for Your First SLR Camera

Camera lens accessories are often needed to help produce the highest quality shots possible. When you buy your first SLR camera, you might be unsure of what extra things you should buy. Fortunately this...[more]

Simple Fixes for Color Temperature Problems with LED Strip Lights

LED Strip lights are very popular types of light which can be used for photography. These are very convenient since they use very little power. LEDs are also fairly inexpensive and provide a lot...[more]

Off Camera Flash: When to Use a Dedicated Cord for TTL Control

The off camera flash is one of the cheapest and the easiest ways to improve the quality of your photographs. It offers quite a few advantages in terms of reliability and cost over the...[more]

Picking the Right Digiscoping Adapter for the Job

Digiscoping and relevant equipment like the digiscoping adapter have been gaining a lot of popularity. Here are some factors that you will need to consider in order to select the right adapter for the...[more]

Picking the Right Chrosziel Matte Box

The Chrosziel Matte Box is an important component of still life photography and video making. The following is a guide to choosing the right Chrosziel Matte Box for your photography setup. Understanding the Chrosziel...[more]

Picking the Right Birns and Sawyer Matte Box

The Birns and Sawyer Matte Box is a tool that helps you to block out unnecessary light and any sources of hard and harsh light from falling on your camera lens. It is an...[more]

When to Use Wireless Remote Flash Instead of Wired Studio Strobes

There are a number of instances when it is better to use wireless remote flash instead of wired studio strobes. A few of the more important reasons are listed below: Tight Spaces It can...[more]

How to Use the Rasterbator

The Rasterbator is unique software that essentially allows you to create a picture that is much larger than the size of the paper it is printed on. The software simply splits up the picture...[more]

How to Mount a Canon Speedlite Flash in a Softbox

The Canon Speedlite flash is used by a lot of professional photographers, but there is still no concrete solution to a Speedlite flash inside a studio softbox. This problem needs you to call upon...[more]

How to Use a Lumiquest Softbox for Portrait Photography

The Lumiquest softbox is one of the most well known light diffusers in the professional photography circle. It is also one of the most preferred ways to direct soft and diffused light on a...[more]

How to Use Lumiquest Light Modifiers

Lumiquest light modifiers are intended for softening of shadows. Here is how to use these unique and compact devices. Step 1: Soften the Shadows The Lumiquest light modifiers work by either bouncing off the...[more]

How to Use a Wescott Lighting Grid in a Softbox

A Westcott lighting grid is designed to provide extra direction to the light sources, and it can be easily used with a softbox and/or light modifier. It provides a more directional, shielded and broad...[more]

4 Reasons to Download Hipstamatic

Hipstamatic is an application for the iPhone that let’s you experience taking pictures with an old camera. To a certain extent, you will be able to experience the way photographers used to do it...[more]

How to Configure PocketWizard Controllers for a Multi-Flash Set-up

Learning how to configure PocketWizard controllers for a multi-flash set-up can be quite confusing, but with a few tips the configuration can be done without too much trouble. There are a few basic steps...[more]

What Is a Creative Memories StoryBook?

Creative Memories StoryBook is the perfect tool for those who are interested in digital scrapbooking. It offers a solution that is very simple and can work well for making family, holiday or even birthday...[more]

How a Canon TTL Flash Offers Better Lighting than Manual

A Canon TTL flash (through the lens flash) is a great new way of measuring lighting conditions for professional photographic exposure. The following discusses how the Canon TTL flash is better than manual modes....[more]

5 Tips to Use a Gary Fong Lambency Diffuser

The Gary Fong Lambency Diffuser is a kind of flash diffuser that attaches to the standard common diffuser gun and then helps diffuse the light evenly for a smooth and evenly lit picture. Here...[more]

Benefits of a Lumiquest Flash Diffuser over Lambency

A Lumiquest flash diffuser and Lambency diffuser are both on-flash, portable devices, however, they deliver light upon a subject in different ways. Here are some benefits to using a Lumiquest diffuser over a Lambency...[more]

Understanding the Foveon X3 Image Sensor

An image sensor is a device that helps in capturing colors, and most image sensors capture a single color at each layer. However, the Foveon X3 image sensor captures red, green and blue colors...[more]

5 Tips to Use a Light Meter Instead of a Camera's Meter

In the advanced world of photography, cameras have everything integrated into them, such as a light meter. Why do you need a separate light meter? Below are five simple tips on why to utilize...[more]

3 Useful Mini Home Surveillance Cameras

To protect your home, home surveillance cameras are slowly becoming a standard in residence safety. Large and exposed CCTV’s can easily be seen by people who wish to enter your house. Here are three...[more]

iPad App: Photographer's Using the iPad as a Traveling Tool

There are lots of iPad app downloads available on the Internet. These can make this magical device perform certain tasks better. There are also many iPad photography tools which can make it easy to...[more]

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