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Film Scanning Service: Is it Worth the Cost?

If you have several pictures, you may think it is a good idea to invest in a film scanning service. There may be pros and cons to the film scanning service. Use the tips listed...[more]

Wide Format Photo Printer Paper Storage Tips

Wide format photo printer paper is great for printing large pictures. It is essential to anyone that practices photography as a hobby or a profession. However, storing wide format photo printer paper can be rather...[more]

Photo Scanner Comparison Tips: Features to Look For

Before you run out to the store to purchase a photo scanner, you should take the time to do a thorough photo scanner comparison to determine which features you want and which features you can...[more]

How to Use an Automatic Photo Scanner

There are a number of reasons why an automatic photo scanner may be a great idea for you if you are looking into purchasing a new scanner. If you do decide to purchase an...[more]

Scanner Photo Feeder Pros and Cons

There are a number of reasons why a scanner photo feeder may be a great idea for you if you are looking into purchasing a new scanner. On the other hand, there are also reasons...[more]

Scanning Fan-Fold Documents With an Automatic Feeder

Often times, you will find that you have a number of images and papers that need to be scanned, and as opposed to scanning each one individually, you will want to use an automatic feeder....[more]

Choosing Between 4x6 Photo Printer Paper Finishes

When it is time for you to print to your 4x6 photo printer, you will find that you are going to be presented with a number of options.  These options are going to be pertaining...[more]

How to Use an Instant Photo Printer

While there is no doubt that having an instant photo camera is a wonderful device in its own right, having an instant photo printer only makes have the camera that much better. It helps to...[more]

How to Analyze Scanner Image Size in Pixels

When you are dealing with images that you have already scanned into your computer, you may notice that the scanner image is a bit distorted. It may either be too big or too small. Or,...[more]

How a Quick Release Tripod Works

A quick release tripod is designed as a very easy way to detach and mount a camera on a tripod; this is much quicker than using a conventional screw mount and makes using your tripod...[more]

How to Ensure Quality with a Photo Scanner

When using a photo scanner, it will be important to use good technique to create the highest quality photographic reproductions possible. There a number of tips for creating quality photo scans. Some of the most...[more]

Advantages of a Carbon Fiber Tripod

A carbon fiber tripod is normally much more expensive than a regular aluminum or metal tripod. It's important to understand all of the different advantages of these carbon fiber tripods so that you can decide...[more]

Making Digital Photo Printer Photos Appear Professional

Digital photo printer photos may look great on their own, but sometimes when they are compared with professionally developed photos, they can look lacking. There are a few tips which can be used to make...[more]

Evaluating Whether You Need a Professional Photo Printer

Professional photo printers can be expensive to buy and maintain, especially with the cost of ink. So how do you evaluate if you should get one? Well, that's easy to figure out if you can...[more]

What is Photo Printer DPI?

Photo printer DPI refers to Digital Pixels per Inch. A digital image is comprised of thousands of tiny pixels. Each pixel is a solid color square. The combination of all the colors of the pixels...[more]

How to Make an iPhone Tripod Mount

The iPhone 3GS supports video capture, but if you're serious about using it, then you should learn how to make your own tripod mount. Unlike the original iPhone, the 3GS has a great camera, but...[more]

Things to Consider for a Backpacking Tripod

When looking for a backpacking tripod, there are a few different things that you will need to consider. It's important to think about these before purchasing your tripod, otherwise it could end up being a...[more]

Why Choose a Ballhead Tripod?

Choosing a ballhead tripod will help you to take smoother and better quality photos. Tripods are essential when taking many types of photos because they will keep your camera steady when taking photos. There are...[more]

3 Tripod Head Types

 The tripod head is an important part of the tripod, as this will help to keep your camera stable and still while taking a photo. The head is the part of the tripod which allows...[more]

Scan a Postive from a Negative

Often times, when you are dealing with either film or photos, you will come to a point where you need to take a negative and make it a positive scan. There are several different ways...[more]

Large Format Photo Printer Maintenance

You want to print your images the most beautiful way possible, and using a large format photo printer is just the device to achieve your goals. Of course, the one downside to using photo printers...[more]

What is a Tripod Bracket?

 All lovers of photography need to have a tripod in order to take high quality and smooth photos. The tripod bracket is the part of the tripod which fixes onto the camera and holds it...[more]

Using a Light Box with a Scanner

A light box is a useful way to scan negatives and other transparencies into your computer using a regular scanner. A light box is included with some higher end models of scanner, although it's fairly...[more]

How to Install a Photo Printer Cartridge

Installing a photo printer cartridge is very easy to do, but it's important to make sure that you do it correctly because printer cartridges are very expensive. By replacing the printer cartridge, you should be able to...[more]

Choosing Generic or Brand Name Photo Printer Ink

Generic and brand name photo printer ink has been a hot debate over the past few years. Read more below to decide if its worth it to purchase generic ink.Generic InkLike most generic products, ink tends to...[more]

Homemade Reflectors

Those who are starting out with photography do not necessarily have to buy the best and most expensive reflectors in the market. With a little ingenuity and creativity, you can come up with your own...[more]

How to Replace a Scanner Bulb

A scanner bulb will not last forever. The tips listed below will help you learn how to change the bulb on your scanner. Order the Bulb Much of time, obtaining the bulb is the hardest...[more]

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