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Picking Out a Tripod Case

A tripod case is very important if you happen to need to carry your tripod around to many different locations. You will find that there are several different cases out there. It is important that...[more]

How To Build a Trekking Pole Monopod

A monopod is great for whenever you are not able to lug around an entire tripod. A monopod can easily be made with a trekking pole. This is great for hikers that do not want...[more]

6 Odd Places You can Use a Gorillapod Tripod

A Gorillapod tripod is great for taking hard to get photos. The legs are designed to wrap around and bend, allowing you to attach the tripod securely to almost any surface. There are some really...[more]

How to Mute the Camera Flash Sound

One tip for taking candid photos is to mute the camera flash sound. This allows for unobtrusive, unplanned shots due to the silent camera operation. Candid photos are not posed or planned photos. These photos...[more]

Camera Flash Diffuser

A camera flash diffuser is used whenever you need to get a more flattering light. Direct lights can create shadows and make the subject seem washed out. For this reason, direct lighting it is not...[more]

4 Stylish Camera Flash Photography Tips

There are many different ways to manipulate the light in camera flash photography. Light can be one of the most difficult things to control in any photo shoot. The flash present on most every camera...[more]

How to Restore a Used Camera Flash

A used camera flash card is not something that you will need to throw away. Many people automatically assume that whenever they get a new camera they have to get a new camera flash card....[more]

3 Useful Camera Flash Attachment Accessories

When taking photos for any occasion; one of the things you must always be mindful of is the camera flash attachment. The flash of the camera can be incredibly useful as well as very frustrating...[more]

How to Connect a Camera Flash Cord

An external camera flash cord can be used to connect an external flash to many model cameras. There are steps that need to be taken to safely connect the external flash to the camera. Here's...[more]

Choosing a Position for an Off Camera Flash

An off camera flash will help you to have more professional looking photographs. You will be able to set up the flash wherever you would like for it to go. It can be tricky however,...[more]

How to Personalize a Picture Frame

There are dozens of different types of picture frame which you can consider buying. However, sometimes people will prefer to customize their own. Although it would be possible to make your own photo frames from...[more]

Tips for Choosing The Right Picture Frame

Most of the personal photos we take are meant for photo albums, but there's a select few that are so good they need to be enlarged and framed. Even though it's the images that ultimately...[more]

How to Build Macro Lighting Equipment

Lighting equipment may need to be adjusted to get better results in macro photography. Because the areas you are dealing with are so small and close to the camera, standard procedures will not always lead...[more]

Safety Rules Regarding Digital External Flash Use

Using a digital external flash can create great photographs, especially at special events. The external flash also allows you to adjust the height of the flash, and control the bounce of the light. There are...[more]

Making a Camera Bag Tripod Attachment

Are you looking to make a camera bag tripod? Not all camera bags are equipped to carry a tripod, and manufacturers only offer the ability to carry tripods on bags that are more expensive. If...[more]

Making a Camera Bag Tripod Attachment

Are you looking to make a camera bag tripod? Not all camera bags are equipped to carry a tripod, and manufacturers only offer the ability to carry tripods on bags that are more expensive. If...[more]

4 Alternatives to Using an Electronic Camera Flash

An electric camera flash is sometimes a useful way of taking photographs. A flash creates an instant burst of light, which is used to provide light to a photograph. There are times when you shouldn't...[more]

The Benefits of a Window Mounted Tripod for Safari Photos

A window mounted tripod is an ideal way of taking safari photos quickly. This window mounted tripod will also ensure that the photos are of the highest quality and are not blurred. What Is a...[more]

The Benefits of a Car Mount for Digital Nature Photography

A car window mount is a useful tool to make digital nature photography more successful. These mounts will secure your camera firmly onto you car so that you have a steady base to take photos...[more]

Camera Bag Security: Selection Considerations

Choosing a camera bag is a decision that should not be taken lightly. Camera bag security is huge factor in choosing what's right for your needs. Bag Safety By bag security, we mean safety. How...[more]

A Complete List of Camera Bag Types

Every photographer needs a camera bag to transport his workhorse around, and there are tons of different bags out there to suit anyone's needs. Here is a complete list of camera bag types. The Waist...[more]

Making Cool Camera Bags from Ugly Ones

There are a lot of cool camera bags on the market, but if you want to truly stand out, you should give your creativity a test drive and come up with your own. You don't...[more]

How and Why to Format a Memory Card

Most people don't understand the difference between erasing all the photos on a memory card and formatting it. You should format your memory card at least twice a year, depending on how often you use...[more]

Using a Compressed Gas Duster

Using a compressed gas duster is a popular cleaning method among photographers.  However, these gas dusters should not be used carelessly, because they can cause a lot of damage. Use with a camera Compressed gas...[more]

6 Types of Memory Cards

There are several different types of memory cards, and it's important to know the difference between them so that you can choose the correct one for your camera. Lots of different memory cards are still...[more]

Packing Camera Bags for Travel

Simply getting camera bags and lugging them around is not enough to ensure that your photography equipment is kept safe. Especially if you intend to go on a long and bumpy journey, it takes a...[more]

How to Choose a Camera Bag

When trying to choose a camera bag, there are a number of things that you will need to bear in mind. It's important to concentrate on finding a camera bag which is large enough to...[more]

What is an SDHC Memory Card?

SD and SDHC Memory Cards are some of the most popular types of memory cards in use in digital cameras at the moment. Although both types of memory cards look virtually identical, there are some...[more]

Fixing the "Memory Card Write Protected" Error

Memory Card Write protection switches make it possible to prevent the memory card from being erased or wiped. Not all types of memory cards will feature these; SD and Memory Sticks often include the write...[more]

Devices that Use a Pro Duo Memory Card

Memory Sticks, including the most recent Pro Duo Memory Card, are almost always only found in Sony cameras and other products. The original memory stick was quite large, but the newer Pro Duo Memory Sticks...[more]

Shopping Tip: Camera Bag Comfort

You will want to take bag comfort into consideration while purchasing a camera bag. Follow the tips below to get a comfortable fit for your bag. Padding There are several options available online that you...[more]

Differences Between an SD and MMC Memory Card

SD and MMC Memory cards look pretty much identical to one another, however, these cards are actually different for a number of different reasons. There are several things that set these cards apart from one...[more]

Advantages of Using a CompactFlash Memory Card

The CompactFlash memory card is one of the oldest and most trusted types of memory cards. It is used in a variety of different devices including Digital Cameras. CompactFlash is normally found in digital SLR...[more]

Advantages of USB Memory Card Compatability

Digital cameras are very convenient, but a USB memory card can make using the camera even easier. These USB memory cards have a flip out USB connector, which can then be plugged directly into a...[more]

How to Cut a Picture Mat

Photo Mats are very important, as they will create a finished look for your photos. These are placed inside the frame and will make your masterpiece look even more professional. Cutting a picture mat is...[more]

What is Camera Flash TTL?

Camera flash TTL was first introduced in the 80's by Nikon. It stands for 'through the lens' and refers to how the flash on the camera works. Many photographers love the TTL technology, while others...[more]

How To Make a Bicycle Tripod

A bicycle tripod is something that a lot of people are not even aware of. This type of tripod comes in handy if you are an avid biker and enjoy taking pictures. You will not...[more]

When To Use a Ballhead Tripod

A ballhead tripod is something that comes between the legs of the tripod and the camera itself. It is what you will have the most interaction with when it comes to your tripod. There is...[more]

How To Make Your Own Tall Tripod

Going out and purchasing your own tall tripod can be very expensive. It can be a waste if it is not a tripod that you plan on using often. However, if you make your own,...[more]

How To Make Your Own Tripod Mount

A tripod mount is something that not all cameras come with. You will find that making one yourself is not very difficult and can be very affordable. A tripod mount will help you to get...[more]

Camera Settings for an External Flash Unit

The external flash unit on your camera does you no good if you are not aware of the proper camera settings that you will need to have. You will find that the more that you...[more]

How to Load an External Flash

When you want to learn how to load an external flash, you want to make sure you get the most from the job that you can. Learn to load an external flash at your own...[more]

When To Use a Monopod

A monopod is a single pole that supports a camera, binoculars, video camera and other equipment in the field. This is sometimes called a unipod. A monopod allows for steadier photographing by reducing the shaking...[more]

How To Repair a Gorillapod Tripod

A gorillapod tripod can be very reliable and easy to use, however, it can eventually get worn out. It is important that you know some quick and easy tips to be able to fix your...[more]

How To Make Your Own Tripod Strap

A tripod strap is something that can help make lugging around your tripod much easier. You will not have to worry about purchasing an expensive bag and getting your tripod out whenever you need it....[more]

How a Camera External Flash Works

The camera external flash is something that a lot of people do not know much about. It is important to get a good understanding on how it works so that you will be able to...[more]

Reducing Shifting Equipment in a Large Camera Bag

A large camera bag is a good thing to have because there will be times when you need to take a lot of equipment with you, and this is the best way to pack it....[more]

Tools You Need for Sports Photography

When taking sports photography, there are some important pieces of equipment that you need. Sports photography is completely different to many other types of photography, and this means that you will need specialty equipment. In...[more]

How To Make a GoPod

A GoPod is something that can make taking pictures with your tripod much easier. It is basically a tripod that has wheels at the bottom to allow you to move around much easier. This will...[more]

3 Uses for a Camera Flash Bracket

A camera flash bracket is a simple arm that attaches to your camera, allowing you to raise or lower the flash without needing extra hands. The bracket attaches the flash directly to the camera and...[more]

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