How to Walk with a Steadicam Archer

Walking with the Steadicam Archer is actually very easy. Simply put, you want to walk as normally as possible when you are wearing your Steadicam Archer. Believe it or not, the way that you walk impacts the performance of your Steadicam Archer. Even with your camera pointed in different directions, the way that you walk should not change because you are able to view what you are shooting on the LCD screen on your Steadicam Archer. This guideline will go over instructions for the proper way to walk with a Steadicam Archer.

Walking with a Steadicam Archer

How you normally walk and how you walk with a Steadicam Archer should be almost identical. However, when you are walking with your Steadicam Archer, your hips should be slightly turned towards your Steadicam Archer. One of the worst things that you can do when walking with a Steadicam Archer is to allow your knees to bend. Your arms should be doing all of the work. When you need to change the angle of your camera, simply move the camera first and then begin to walk with your Steadicam Archer.

While you are walking with a Steadicam Archer, you will need to hold the grip with one of your hands so that the sled does not go off level. Before you begin capturing footage with your camera, you should learn how to walk forwards and backwards with your Steadicam Archer.

Walking Positions

When you are walking with a Steadicam Archer, you should try to keep your camera in two positions. Those positions are the Missionary position and the Don Juan position. With both positions, the post on your Steadicam Archer never moves and the posture of your back is always the same. Your Steadicam Archer post should never move when you are walking. You can use the guide on your Steadicam Archer to pan and tilt your camera. For the Missionary position, your camera will be facing forward. For the Don Juan position, your camera will be facing backward. Both of these positions allow you to maintain a clear view of your LCD screen.

Goofy Foot

There may be times when you need to position the sled of your Steadicam Archer on the right side. In order to do this, you will need to reverse the socket block on your Steadicam Archer. To reverse the socket block on your Steadicam Archer, remove the Y chest plate from your Steadicam Archer vest. To remove the socket block, loosen the height adjustment screw on the socket block and pull out the pin. You will then be able to slide the socket block out, flip it over, and slide it back in.

Once you have reversed the socket block, replace the Y chest plate in your Steadicam Archer vest. You will also need to flip the mating block on your Steadicam Archer arm in order to walk goofy foot. This can be done by removing the parachute pin, flipping the mating block over, and reinserting the parachute pin.