How to Use the Rasterbator

The Rasterbator is unique software that essentially allows you to create a picture that is much larger than the size of the paper it is printed on. The software simply splits up the picture into many small parts and then each part is printed on paper or a relevant media sheet. These sheets are combined to create a much larger image or poster.

Step 1: Download the Software

You will download the Rasterbator (freeware) from the homokaasu homepage and install it to your computer.

Step 2: Select Parameters

After installing the software, you will select the final image dimensions based on the comprising media’s discrete packet size. You will then select the image to be printed and the number of parts to be made. Try to minimize the number of parts for the first try because you will need to cut off a lot of edges.

Step 3: Print

After this, attach the printer to the computer and then issue the print command. This will setup a print queue of all the parts. Once the printing is done, you will collect all the parts, cut off the edges and then tape the resulting pieces together to finish the poster.