How to Use Pen Cameras

Pen cameras look similar to a pen, but contain various mechanisms inside which allow them to function as a hidden camera. It comes after a series of developments in technology, causing a significant reduction in the size and look of cameras. The development of smaller mechanisms has allowed the invention of hidden cameras, which mimic the look of everyday items such as a pen. More advanced cameras are able to take both photos and videos. The following are steps in using these types of devices.

Step 1: Charging the Camera

This will depend on the manufacturer. Some brands require batteries to be installed inside the devices. There are also other brands which can be charged using an AC wall charger.

Step 2: Downloading Software and Updates

A number of cameras require software or updates to be downloaded before the device can be used. These can come bundled with the camera or can be downloaded easily off the manufacturer’s website. Connect the pen via USB cable to update the software.

Step 3: Installing the Camera

As the camera is small and light, it can be brought and installed almost anywhere that is dry. Make sure that it is placed in an area where it can record clearly and that the lens is directed outward. Fasten it securely and turn it on by pressing down on the top. Press again to turn it off. Make sure to leave the pen to record any important meetings or conversations.

Step 4: Downloading the Recording

Connect the pen to the computer. Depending on the camera, some can be plugged directly to the computer’s USB port while others require a cable. Download and save the recording onto the local hard drive.