How to Use Lumiquest Light Modifiers

Lumiquest light modifiers are intended for softening of shadows. Here is how to use these unique and compact devices.

Step 1: Soften the Shadows

The Lumiquest light modifiers work by either bouncing off the source light of other surfaces or by simply refracting the light by the use of a translucent material. The end result can also be achieved by a combination of the two methods.

For the refraction method to work, you will need to have a pretty big light source because it is the primary factor that affects the softness of shadows. The light source size is also pretty important in bouncing the light. Another factor, the angle of incidence of light, plays a major role. Together these two factors will decide the softness and angles of the shadow.

Step 2: Light Enlargement

To use the Lumiquest light modifiers properly, it is necessary to understand that the shadows are actually softened by enlarging the light source. The Lumiquest light modifiers do not enlarge a light source. Hence, the Lumiquest light modifiers will work optimally if they are fed by a large light source. Spreading the light using the modifier will help a bit, but you must actually enlarge the source for best results.