How to Use Chroma Key Paper at High School Proms

Using a blue or green screen Chroma key paper for creating special effects for videos and photography is a technique that has been used for many years. The chroma key paper is used for many different styles of video and photo shooting, such as weddings and high school proms. This tutorial will demonstrate how to correctly use chroma key paper for shooting at a high school prom.

Step 1: Selecting the Material

Choosing what material you want to use will have a huge impact on your projects, as it can lead to a difficult time evening out the color. The most preferable material would be something that does not tear or wrinkle easily and is made with a matte finish. Try to avoid materials that have a shiny color.

Step 2: Checking Your Screen

When you set up your chroma key paper, ensure that it is stable and ready to be used. When you hang it up or place it on a wall, you need to make sure that the blue or green screen does not have any wrinkles or creases in it. If there are a few small wrinkles or creases, it will not affect the end result, but having large areas possibly from where you folded the screen will.

Step 3: Remove the Subject's Shadow

This can be a crucial stage in the production process, as the shadows are difficult to remove in the software. The easiest way to get rid of the unwanted shadow is to have an even, flat background, with as little light as possible. Usually, the natural light of the location, or studio, will be enough to sort out this problem. It is still recommended that you take a few test shots to check if the natural lighting will be fine.

Step 4: Light up the Background

By doing this correctly, you will remove the smaller wrinkles in your screen, and you will help to prevent any unwanted shadows from occurring. Using separate lighting is the best option as it helps to even out the color across the screen. The best lights to use are continuous lights as they allow you to adjust the intensity of the lighting on the screen. Place two lights on the background, one on either side of the screen and subject.

Step 5: Light the Foreground

When you light up the foreground, do so as if the background was not there. You will be able to use normal portrait lighting as you will want to be able to get a nice even, flat lighting tone on the subjects of your shoot.

Step 6: Positioning Your Subject

The best way to avoid any unwanted effects is to place the subject of the shoot as far away from the chroma key paper as possible. Note that the less light you have on your screen, the closer you will be able to place the subject to the screen.

Congratulations! You are now ready to take amazing photos of teenagers at their high school prom.