How to Use an Instant Photo Printer

While there is no doubt that having an instant photo camera is a wonderful device in its own right, having an instant photo printer only makes have the camera that much better. It helps to think of an instant camera as an old Polaroid camera. You simply snap the images and then you instantly have a photograph that is printed and ready to be framed. Setting up the printer is so simple that you won't have an excuse not to use it.

Step 1: Connect the Printer

This task is done simply be connecting the cable from the printer to the camera itself. You will find an included USB cord that easily connects the two.

Step 2: Choosing Your Prints

Simply turn the camera on, and the print options will load up automatically for you.  Note that when you turn on the camera for the first time, there will be a bit of a delay while the camera syncs up with the printer to ensure that there are no problems. You will find options for printing out multiple, small images or even credit card sized images of your photos.

Step 3: Print Your Images

Once you have your image selected, and the style that you want it to print in, you simply select the "print" option and in roughly a minute to a minute and a half, you will find yourself with a full color photo.

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