How to Use an All-in-One Photo Printer

Photo all-in-one printers are great because you can use the printer for your everyday needs as well as your photo printing. All-in-one printers are usually very feature-rich and can be a bit intimidating. Using an all-in-one printer is quite simple once you get the hang of it. There are only 5 steps needed to print high quality photos from an all-in-one printer.

Tools and Materials Needed

  • All-in-one printer
  • Computer
  • Photo paper

Step 1: Turn on the Printer

Make sure that that printer is on and connected to the computer.

Step 2: Load the Paper

Most all-in-one printers have more than one place that can hold your photo paper. Load the paper and make sure that the printer is recognizing the proper paper source.

Step 3: Open the Photo File

Locate the file on your computer. With the file open, you want to enter the print command. 

Step 4: Adjust the Photo Properties and Print Settings

Once you have entered the print command, you should be able to access the photo properties. At this time, you will determine the specifics of the photo selected for printing. When you are done with the properties, you should check the settings to make sure that they are set properly.

Step 5: Print the Photo

With the properties and settings selected, you can press the print button. 

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