How to Use a Wescott Lighting Grid in a Softbox

A Westcott lighting grid is designed to provide extra direction to the light sources, and it can be easily used with a softbox and/or light modifier. It provides a more directional, shielded and broad light that puts emphasis directly on the photography subject. There are a wide variety of softboxes that can be used with the Westcott lighting grid.


The Chimera softboxes are either rectangular or octagonal in shape and these fit the Westcott lighting grids perfectly. They have two popular models:

  • The ever-popular Quartz Plus 1 available in sizes of (24" x 32"), (36" x 48") and (54" x 72").
  • The Pro II (24" x 32"), (36" x 48") and (54" x 72"). 

Both of these soft boxes can accommodate the Westcott lighting grid.


The lighting grids come in various shapes, and a typical lighting arrangement would be a soft box paired with a grid to provide back and top lighting. You can also use gobos or simply change light angles for an approximate result.