How to Use a Speedlight With a Flash

Speedlight pertains to Nikon’s line of strobe flash devices used in photography. Devices are distinguished by a prefix of SB as part of the model’s name. These devices are purchased separately but can be attached to the camera body. The following are considerations when using the device.

Deciding When to Use

The amount of natural light available can help determine when a camera owner or photographer should use the device. They should use a flash when photographing subjects such as people outdoors. This may seem odd because of the definition of a flash device. Flash units are supplementary light sources and are commonly used in instances when there is an insufficient amount of light.

When photographing outdoors, the light can produce harsh shadows. Using a flash device can help light up the darker portions, making them appear more natural on film. When shooting indoors, use the device’s slow sync mode. This will help fill in the shadows and background with light when using flash indoors.

Using the Device

The Nikon device allows the photographer to experiment, especially with slow sync mode. With the normal action of the slow mode, the flash is activated during the start of the exposure. As people tend to move immediately after seeing the flash, this can create blurred photos. With the rear mode, the flash is produced after the long exposure, allowing the subjects to remain still for the duration of the shot.

Use a diffuser whenever possible and when using the flash device. This will help soften the light being produced by the flash. A diffuser should be used even when using fill flash, to soften the shadows.