How to Use a SeaLife External Flash

The SeaLife external flash unit is designed to capture great underwater photos. The external flash will reduce backscatter, and give you a more clean picture. The flash is waterproof and lightweight. Using these units is simple.

What You'll Need

  • SeaLife External Flash Unit
  • SeaLife Camera
  • Blank memory card
  • New batteries

Step 1: Prepare the Camera

The first thing you want to do is prepare your camera. Use a blank memory card that is formatted, and be sure you have fresh batteries. Set the camera to External Flash mode, and connect the flash to the camera. Turn off the red eye reduction on the camera, and test the camera to be sure the flash fires.

Step 2: Prepare the Flash

On the side of the flash unit is a yellow tab. Press down on the tab to open the latch. This will give you access to the battery compartment. Be sure you have fresh batteries, and check the seal to make sure the waterproof unit will stay dry.

Step 3: Test Shot Underwater

Before you find anything that you want to photograph, take a few test shots. This will allow you to adjust the brightness of the flash. You can choose a preset that will auto adjust the flash for you. Once you know the setting is correct, you can start to capture beautiful underwater photographs.

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