How to Use a Nanny Camera Effectively

A nanny camera is a great way to keep an eye on exactly what your nanny is doing while you're out of the home. Trust is a nice concept, but sadly it's often difficult to rely on trust alone when your children are concerned. A nanny camera will provide you with the peace of mind that no harm is caused when you are not there. These are also helpful because you can find out exactly what happened to anything that went missing in your home.

Step 1: Choosing the Right Camera

In order to use a nanny camera properly, you will first need to find a camera which is suitable. There are plenty of small spy cameras which are available. Some of the best are wireless cameras, which make it possible to use the camera without the need for wires. Spend time choosing the right camera so that it will be easier to hide.

Step 2: Positioning Your Camera

Once you have chosen your nanny camera, it is then time to hide it. It's important that you hide it properly so that it cannot be seen. There are plenty of places where the camera can be hidden including in the spine of a book, an empty DVD case or perhaps even in a teddy bear. By hiding the camera properly, it is possible to see what really happens all the time.

Step 3: Testing the Camera

With the camera set up and in the right position, test it by sitting and walking around the area you have aimed it at. This is so that you can ensure the camera is pointed in the right direction and that it will capture everything you want to see. Also, check that the microphone isn't muffled by your prop.