How to Use a Lumiquest Softbox for Portrait Photography

The Lumiquest softbox is one of the most well known light diffusers in the professional photography circle. It is also one of the most preferred ways to direct soft and diffused light on a photography subject. Due to its unique characteristics, photographers find great use for it in portrait photography. The following is a quick look at how to use the Lumiquest softbox for portrait photography.

Usage Directions

The Lumiquest softbox has the distinct advantage of consuming only about 1.5 to 2.5 light stops to get the job done. This is also the case of bounced light. Hence, the Lumiquest softbox need not be directly aimed at the subject.

You should keep the softbox at a good distance from the subject because it spreads the light in every direction. This will have the effect of producing much more even and smooth ambient lighting--like its coming from a giant light source. You can also use it in the background of the subject to create an even and subtle background diffuser. The light source should not be located close to the subject’s back.

Also, you will need to understand that this softbox will work properly only for indoor shoots as there are no elements to bounce off light at an outdoor location.