How to Use a Kino Flo Kelvin Tile

Since the 1980s, Kino Flo has been one of the largest manufacturers of lights used on film sets. The company, founded by gaffer Freider Hochheim and his best boy Gary Swink, was the first to create fluorescent lighting units, where the color temperature could be controlled by either using daylight or tungsten balanced bulbs. Kino Flo continues its tradition of creating ground breaking lighting units for film sets with the Kelvin Tile. This is a light where the color temperature can be controlled without having to use gels.

Step 1: Position the Light

The first step in using the Kelvin Tile is determining where its position will roughly be. Once that is decided, you can either mount it on a 750 stand or you can rig it another way if the circumstances determine it.

Step 2: Power the Light

Once the light is in position, you can either power it with the AC cord or if that's not feasible, you can use a battery.

Step 3: Adjust the Color Temperature

Once your light is positioned, you should alter the color temperature to match the rest of the scene. If this light is being used as an effect, you can simulate the effect that theatrical lights have with the Paint Box accessory. 

Step 4: Tweak the Light's Position

When you altered the color temperature, you changed how the light looks. Compensate for this by re-tweaking the light.

Step 5: Adjust the Dimmer

Use the dimmer on the light to control its output if it is a little too bright.