How to Use a Camera Bag in the Rain

Learning how to use the camera bag in the rain will make it much easier and safer to take photos using your camera in the rain. Cameras are sensitive electrical devices which can be damaged if they get wet. Choosing the right photo bag will keep your camera safe.

Step 1 - Keeping the Camera inside

When it starts to rain the camera should be put straight inside the camera bag. Most cameras can handle splashes and small amounts of water, however any more than a little water can be very dangerous. Putting the camera inside as soon as it starts to rain can limit the exposure to water.

Step 2 - Taking Care of Accessories

Accessories such as lenses and memory cards also need to be protected. Make sure that the bag has plenty of space to store these in.

Step 3 - Covering the Camera

The top of your camera bag should be closed at all times to prevent any water from getting inside. This is important because if it is left open then your camera bag might fill up with water.

When the weather is better again or when you go inside then you can take your camera out and start using it once again. Small amounts of water shouldn't be a problem, but you must avoid large splashes.

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