How to Travel with Your Digital Video Pro Camera in Airports

Traveling with your digital video pro camera can be a difficult task. You should check in with the airline you will be flying on for any specific requirements. Most airlines will allow you to bring your camera on board with you, but due to increased security measures, any security personnel at the airport can force you to check your camera bag. Your camera will have to pass through an xray belt, but that should only be a problem if you have film in the camera.

Hard Case

It is possible that the airline may require you to check your camera, especially if your camera bag is large, so you should invest in a hard case to protect the camera during transport. You will want to purchase a hard case that is large enough to fit your camera and any important equipment, such as lenses.


If you have an expensive camera, you should look into purchasing insurance. It is impossible to guarantee the safe transport of your camera when traveling via airplanes. You may be able to include your digital video pro camera in your renters or homeowners insurance policy. If that is not possible, you can purchase a general travel insurance policy for your camera.

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