How to Set Up the Steadicam Archer

Steadicam Archer is a full and complete system packed with all necessary features and accessories needed in video editing and production. Both the original program and the second generation program, known as Steadicam Archer Special Edition, are innovative and upscale programs with lots of capabilities and features that can be found in higher-end programs and models. Among these features are the fold down design and the light weight system.

The Archer comes with an ergonomically designed vest and a mounting stage, which is ideal for easy configuration and stable handling to ensure proper shots. Precise handling is the main characteristic of the video production system, which ensures vast operational freedom. Its sleek design allows you to keep it close to your body, resulting in less fatigue, and enabling more handling and maneuvering options even in very tight spaces. Its unique and innovative mounting system permits on-location adjustments as well. The user can adjust a long lens and ensure optimum stability and little frictional adjustments. Here is how you can set up the Steadicam Archer in a few easy steps.

Step 1: Set up the Post and Clamp

The first thing you need to do is set up the post and clamp to balance even heavier cameras. You can adjust the post by releasing the clamp located at its base. Make the proper adjustments at the camera mounting platform, and attach all the necessary accessories and equipment on the camera. Make sure you have all the lenses, films, lights and motors on. In some cases, you can always adjust some accessories after setting up the dovetail plate, so do not worry much about that.

Step 2: Mount the Camera

Locate the center of the camera and mark it using a pen. Place it over the platform, making sure that the lever is open. Place the dovetail in the holder and make sure that everything is parallel, lowering the one side into the holder firmly. You should take the longer part of the dovetail plate and attach it to the bottom of the camera, centering it with the camera’s center you marked earlier.

Once you are sure that you have centered it, take 2 screws and attach them properly to prevent the camera from rotating and moving around. If you want you can also use a 2nd dovetail above the first one, place it to the top of the camera. You might need a bracket to do so, but it is recommended if you wish to ensure maximum stability.

Step 3: Slide the Camera

Once you place the dovetail in place, close the lever and start sliding the camera, making sure it is less the .75 inches from the center line of the post. Then, you should close the lever, locking the camera in to its place. You can also use the knobs to adjust the height and stability of the camera. If you add any more hardware or accessories, you might need to readjust the position of the dovetails on the camera. The camera is a close fit to the dovetail plate, so if it doesn’t fit properly, you have probably misplaced something.