How to Set Up an Outdoor Dome Camera

Installing an outdoor dome camera can be a fantastic way to prevent theft because they are a visual deterrent. Outdoor cameras also cover your front door, which will allow you to capture any criminals breaking in on film. This will make prosecution much easier, as you have something to show the police. It should also maximise the chances of getting your valuables back. Installing a dome camera outdoors is actually very easy. The key is to choose one that can be used outdoors and is weatherproof.

Step 1: Choosing a Camera

The first thing that you need to do is choose a suitable camera. When you are planning on using the camera outdoors, it must be able to withstand the elements without getting broken. You will also be able to choose between cameras which are color or black and white. There are also night vision cameras which use infra-red technology to see in the dark.

Step 2: Reading the Instructions

Every dome camera works slightly differently. It's a good idea to read through the instructions so that you can install it correctly. This will ensure that the camera is installed in a way which is waterproof and fully protected.

Step 3: Installing the Camera

The plastic dome of the camera is normally removed to expose the fixings and the camera itself. With the dome removed, drill holes where you want to mount the camera. You will then need to route cables through for video, sound and power. Once you have done all the preparations, simply screw the camera up into the wall or roof. With the camera installed, the plastic cover can be added over the top. This will cover the fixings and make it secure.

Outdoor dome cameras can provide protection for your whole house.