How to Set up a Nanny Camera in Your Home

A Nanny camera provides you with the peace of mind that your nanny is taking proper care of your children. Nanny cameras are very small and can be hidden without alerting anyone to the fact that they are there. These tiny cameras are commonly inserted into things that would normally be found in your home. This makes it very easy to capture an honest video showing what happens in your home while you are out.

Buying a Nanny Cam

You can buy nanny cameras from many different sources, and they are available to suit different budgets. Cheaper cameras start at about $25, but more expensive models can go as high as $250. They are normally available form high street stores and also online. Spend time choosing a nanny camera which provides you with everything you need and is affordable.

There are nanny cameras are available built into objects or alternatively as small stand alone cameras. Which one you want to choose will depend on where you want ot hide it.

Hiding the Nanny Cam

When you have chosen your nanny camera, you can then hide the camera. If you have brought a camera built into an object, like a clock or a teddy bear, then this is easy. Small cameras can be hidden pretty much anywhere you like, including in between books or under the television. Wherever you position the camera, make sure that it can see everything you want to keep an eye on.