How to Replace a Scanner Bulb

A scanner bulb will not last forever. The tips listed below will help you learn how to change the bulb on your scanner.

Order the Bulb

Much of time, obtaining the bulb is the hardest part of the process. While most of the bulbs are now universal for scanners, they may be hard to find. You may want to consider contacting the manufacturer of the scanner in order to obtain your bulb.

Fluorescent vs Cold Cathode

In the past few years, scanners have been being made with cold cathode lamps. They last much longer than the fluorescent lamps. While this is good in terms of life of the bulb, it is not good in terms of user ability. Cold cathode lamps cannot be replaced by the consumer. In order to replace a cold cathode lamp, you must send the lamp back for service. In many cases, it will be less expensive to purchase a brand new scanner.


If you are lucky enough to have a fluorescent lamp, lift off the cover of the scanner. You will have to unscrew the back of the scanner and remove the pieces of the scanner. Once you have removed them, it is much like replacing a fluorescent bulb in a ceiling.

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