How to Operate the Photoflex Litedisc Holder

The Photoflex Litedisc is a collapsable bounce card used mostly for still photo shoots. The Photoflex Litedisc is usually hand held by an assistant when the photographer is shooting because it is made out of fabric and can easily be damaged if it's mounted to a stand. But, now there is a specific piece of equipment called the Litedisc holder designed for holding the fragile Photoflex. Here's how to use it:

Attaching the Litedisc Holder and Litedisc

The Lightdisc Holder is basically an arm extension with two adjustable clips that attach to stands that have a 750 pin at the top of them. The Litedisc holder attaches the stand via the 750 pin. The clips can then be adjusted to the size of the Litedisc. Once the size is adjusted, you can attach the Litedisc.

Things to Keep in Mind

The arm is telescopic and can be adjusted by loosening and tightening a knuckle. Do not let the Litedisc rest on the knuckle because it can damage the fabric by tearing it. Also, always have one of the stands legs directly under the arm so that it can support the weight because the stand will fall over otherwise. Also, place a sandbag on the stand to counterweight the Litedisc Holder.