How to Mute the Camera Flash Sound

One tip for taking candid photos is to mute the camera flash sound. This allows for unobtrusive, unplanned shots due to the silent camera operation.

Candid photos are not posed or planned photos. These photos can capture moments or emotions not found in staged or planned photography. By muting the camera flash sound, you can take shots without interrupting, distracting or annoying your subjects. This also allows for your subjects to be more relaxed, so your photos appear more natural.

How to Activate Mute on Your Camera

The following are steps for muting the flash sound on your camera. All that you need is your camera or camera phone, your computer and a USB connector.

Step 1 - Find an Application

Most digital cameras and camera phones do not come with a setting for muting the camera flash sound. What you need is a computer application that can do this for you. These applications vary from camera to camera, and according to the manufacturer. Applications can be found online for a minimal cost or for free.

Step 2 - Activate the Application

The application activation code is typically emailed once you have selected the right application for your camera. Follow directions in the confirmation email to activate and install the file.

Step 3 - Mute the Flash Sound

Once the filed is installed, check the "settings" menu on your digital camera or camera phone and select "silent mode."

Where and When to Mute

There are several situations when muting the camera flash sound is appropriate. These include quiet ceremonies such as weddings, funerals or graduations, where any sounds could cause interruptions.

Another occasion to mute the flash sound is when you are taking pictures of a sleeping baby that you do not want to wake. Also, if you do not want to annoy other patrons in a fancy restaurant, a muted flash sound would be beneficial.

Private investigators or law enforcement officers would also need the flash sound muted if they are conducting surveillance.

Other Tips for Candid Photography

Another way to take candid and unobtrusive photos is to operate your camera without a flash. A bright flash of light will attract attention and can also intrude on a special occasion. Operating without a flash requires that you adjust the settings on your camera to accommodate low lighting. On some cameras, you can use a "museum" or "indoor" setting to accomplish this.

The other tip is to always have your camera ready. By taking your camera everywhere, you will be ready for any opportunity for a shot. Also, people will be more relaxed and less likely to do a forced pose if they are used to your camera, especially if it operates silently. 

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