How to Mount a Canon Speedlite Flash in a Softbox

The Canon Speedlite flash is used by a lot of professional photographers, but there is still no concrete solution to a Speedlite flash inside a studio softbox. This problem needs you to call upon your DIY skills. Here’s how you can perform a setup by using stuff in and around your studio.

Step 1: DIY Assembly

You will need to use a basic studio clamp that comes with an adapter made especially for small strobes or use a Justin clamp. You can create your own by adding adapters like a base pin and a pivot (ball head). You will now be able to put the adapter for your Canon Speedlite flash in and then engage the clamp at any position to use the Speedlite flash. Make sure that the orientation of the newly added elements is perpendicular to the clamp head.

Step 2: Connect to the Softbox

You will now take the flash ring and clamp the assembly onto the flash ring. Once done, you can attach the Speedlite. You should now have an assistant hold the setup or simply attach an umbrella adapter to the previously made assembly and mount it inside the softbox.