How to Make a Shoulder Grip at Home

With the help of a shoulder mount, it becomes very easy to eliminate shaky footage. The good news is that a shoulder mount is easy to make and it only takes a few steps to get the job done. Here is a look at the different steps that can be taken in order to create a homemade shoulder mount.

Step 1: Create Large Holes

Take a pair of light mounts and remove their screws. Then, use a drill to make the size of the holes large enough to accommodate a bolt. Next, fasten the pair of mounts to each other in order to create a connector. Do the same with the two other mounts.

Step 2: Cut a Pipe

Take a pipe and cut it to make a pair of 15 inch pieces. Take a handle and screw it on the stud adapter. Take the shoulder mount and attach it to one of the two connectors and then fasten one connector to a rod. Take the other connector and attach it to a second rod.

Step 3: Attach the Handle

Take the adapter and the handle and attach them to a rod (that is in horizontal position) at its free end. Take the platform for the camera and fasten it to the rod (in vertical position) and then lock the camera to it.

In order to use this shoulder mount, you only have to take the handle and grasp it with your one hand. Be sure to press the brace to the front part of your shoulder.