How to Make a Security Camera Phone

A security camera phone is a fantastic way to find out exactly what happens in your home when you're out. Security cameras can be expensive and very difficult to install. By using your cellphone for the same job, you can easily hide it out of the way. What's more, you don't need to worry about any cables because the phone has its own battery supply. A camera phone can be converted into a security camera in a few simple steps.

Suitable Phones

The software is compatible with a wide variety of smartphones which are equipped with cameras. There are lots of smartphones with cameras, which will make finding one that's suitable very easy. You can either use an old phone out of one of your draws. Or, you might be able to buy one at an Internet auction.

Installing Software

Once you have found your phone, you then need to install the software. This is done by connecting it to your computer and following the installation process. This should be opened and then the options selected to start recording.

Positioning the Camera

Now you need to position the camera phone so that it can see what you want to protect. You should also make sure that it's sufficiently hidden so that people don't walk off with your phone. You might also like to plug the phone into its charger if the battery doesn't hold its charge for very long.


There are of course a few limitations which can be problematic. Mobile phone cameras will only film a narrow angle; this means that it could be difficult to capture people on film.