How to Make a Ring Flash with LED's

A ring flash is a very useful device which can be used to make your photographs look much more professional. Correct lighting is very important when taking photos. A photo is made up of light and without adequate lighting your photos will be too dark. With too much light the photos would be burned out. A ring flash is a perfect way of delivering just the right amount of light to your photograph.

These ring flashes can be very expensive, but it's possible to save a lot of money by making your own. Making your own ring flash makes it possible to save money and still take great quality photographs.

What You'll Need

  • Two plastic bowls of different sizes
  • One piece of PVC pipe which is the same diameter as the first bowel and 5cm in length
  • Mirrored spray paint
  • Hot glue gun
  • Razor blade

Step 1: Priming the Bowels

Use the spray prime paint to coat the PVC pipe and plastic bowl. If required, you may need to spray two or more coats to completely cover the plastic sufficiently. Now you should cut a circle in the bottom of the bowl so that the pipe can fit. Repeat this with the second bowl.

Step 2: Fitting the Flash

The easiest option would be to use a regular flash and converting it to a ring flash. If you are doing, this then you should cut a small hole in the bowl which is just large enough for the flash head to fit through. Other options would be to fit LED lights and use them as a flash. However, this would require more wiring and controls to trigger the flash.

Step 3: Mirror

You now need to make the interior of the bowl reflective. One option is to use mirror spray paint. If not you can also use foil.

Step 4: Assembly

When you have lined everything up correctly and decided that everything fits you can then assemble it. Using a hot glue gun will be the quickest and easiest way to do this.

You will also need to find somewhere to hold a battery box. This will provide power for the flash and ensure that it can fire for many times without any problems.

Step 5: Using the Flash

If you used a flash with a Wireless TTL trigger then turn this feature on now. If not, you will need to purchase a wireless trigger or find another way of triggering the flash remotely.

Step 6: Testing the Flash

With the flash ring assembled, test using it. Take a photo and check that the flash ring fires as it should. This should provide plenty of light for your picture.