How to Make a Mobile Photo Printer Case

So you booked a last minute gig that is going to pay great. You need to bring your mobile photo printer with you, but don't have a case to put it in. Here's how you can improvise.

Gather Materials

A case needs to serve these 3 purposes:

  1. It needs to make carrying your object easy and not cause it to become more difficult.
  2. It needs to protect the object from the environment (even if it's minor protection).
  3. It needs to protect the object from the forces of impact.

If you were buying a professional one, then the leader is pelican cases. They're made of of plastic and are designed to be water resistant and able to absorb a lot of impact. But, since you don't have it, you need to make one out of the materials on hand.

You will need a box, material for insulation (to protect against impact), and a hand cart if you have one.

The Box

The box is the shell of the case. If you have a wooden trunk or something hard and durable that the printer will fit in, then use it. If not, then you're stuck with a card board box. If the box is the only option then don't be discouraged. After all, your printer originally came in a box and it will do.


You don't want anything to fall on your printer that would break it. Likewise, if you drop it, you want something to absorb the impact. You also don't want the printer to slide around in the box either. The best material is foam. Bubble wrap will work great. In a worst case scenario, you can use clothes to fill in the gap. Just try not to let the client see that, because it looks pretty cheap. 

Hand Cart

If you're printer is a little heavy, and you have a handcart, then bring it. It's always better to roll something instead of carrying it.

Packing the Printer

Since the printer is in a make shift case, you want to be extra careful with it. Have it ride up front with you and keep it away from objects that could fall on it. The make shift case only offers a little protection.

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