How to Make a Flash Diffuser from Paper

Flash diffusers are a fantastic way of stopping flashes from burning out an image. A flash is a very bright burst of light which is all delivered at once. This light can cause red eyes and also burn out certain parts of the image. To prevent this happening, the flash shouldn't be as harsh.

There are plenty of diffusers which are available. These are sometimes expensive, but they are also something that you might not have with you. If you don't have a diffuser with you, then there are a few things that you can use. As paper is convenient and easily obtained, this is a useful material to use.

Step 1: Finding Paper

The first step is to find the paper which will act as your diffuser. The thickness of the paper will affect how much it weakens your flash. You should try to find fairly thin paper which will simply diffuse the flash light slightly. However, virtually any white paper is okay. Using different colored paper would create different tints in the image. This could be interesting for some photographs.

Step 2: Cutting Paper

You need to cut the paper to size using a pair of scissors. Make sure that this slightly overlaps the size of the flash window. This will make it easier to secure it to the camera.

Step 3: Securing the Diffuser

If you are fitting the diffuser to an on-board flash, then you might need to pop this up first. To do this, press the button down half way until the flash appears. Then, the paper can be folded around the lens and then taped in place. Use low tack tape which doesn't leave any residue.