How to Make a Flash Bracket to Fit a Tripod

Building your own flash bracket which connects to a tripod is very easy. It is possible to buy these flash mount brackets. Fortunately though, these are actually very easy to make yourself. With a few components from your local home hardware store, you should be able to easily create a sturdy bracket for your camera.

Step 1: Buying Components

The first thing that you will need to do is source all of the components that you require to make your flash bracket. This is actually fairly easy to do. You will need an angled bracket like those included with shelf kits. For the easy method, you can just use some elastic bands and tape to hold the flash. However, for a more professional job, you should use a shoe mount adapter.

A shoe mount adapter makes it possible to fit the camera flash onto a secure bracket. This will make it as secure as if it was attached to your camera. You will also need to use a drill and a 1/4 inch tap. This will make the right sized hole for most tripods to screw into.

Step 2: Building the Bracket

When you have all the components that you need, you should then start building the mounting adapter. Start by drilling a hole in the bracket and then tap the hole; this makes it possible to screw the tripod inside easily. Then you will need to drill another hole to fix the hot shoe adapter. Alternatively, you can use elastic bands, however, if doing this, you need to be careful to ensure your flash is secure.

Step 3: Using the Bracket

Mount the bracket on your tripod by tightening the screw. With the bracket secured in place, you can then attach your flash in the hot shoe.