How to Make a Cardboard Picture Frame

A cardboard picture frame is a very easy way to display your photos on your wall. While it might be easier to buy a photo frame, it's much more personal to make your own. Cardboard is a material that's very easy to work with. That means that it's possible to cut it with scissors.

Making your own cardboard picture frame makes it very easy to make it more personal. These frames can be cut into any shape or design with ease.

Step 1: Designing the Frame

First, you should measure the size of your photo. Then, add a few inches to each dimension so that you have the overall size of your frame. This will create the basic rectangular frame, but it can be changed if you want. Draw two rectangles the same size on a piece of your cardboard.

In one of the rectangles, draw a smaller rectangle which is slightly smaller than the photo that you want to display. This will ensure that it doesn't slip out.

Step 2: Cutting out the Frame

Using a sharp craft knife or scissors, cut the cardboard out and set aside. When both pieces are cut out, check that the edges are smooth. If not, you can touch them up by using the scissors again.

Step 3: Making the Frame

Now it's time to make the frame. This is simply a process of gluing the two parts of the frame together on three edges. This will make a pocket which allows the photo to be slipped inside. When you have applied the glue, set it aside to dry.

Step 4: Decorating

When the frame is dry, you can then decorate it. Paint it and apply any decoration that you want to make it look better. Then, you can put your photo into the frame.