How to Know Which Wide Angle Lens Is the Best for You

Capturing a picture-perfect photo can be attributed to using the best wide angle lens available to you. In choosing this, there are certain criteria that you need to consider prior to purchasing.

Step 1: Consider Expanse

How much can be seen in the picture? A good lens should allow you to include certain elements, which are relevant to the primary subject, within the picture. This is mostly applicable when you want to cover a large area in the photo.

Step 2: Consider Distance and Proportion

The ability of your lens to make background elements seem smaller and farther than they really are spells the flexibility of the lens. This allows elements in the picture to complement the main subject, to have a change in perspective and give a more dramatic illusion.

Step 3: Consider Distortion

The best wide angle lens gives distortion more justice and drama. Because of the lens, what may actually appear to be near may look far and small and lines originally straight can appear curved. These are effects incorporated in the photo, which are not present in ordinary cameras.

Step 4: Consider Sharpness

Another characteristic of the best wide angle lens is the ability to maintain the rigidness of the corners instead of softening it. Although this issue is common to most wide angle lenses, the better ones should be sharper.