How to Install a Photo Printer Cartridge

Installing a photo printer cartridge is very easy to do, but it's important to make sure that you do it correctly because printer cartridges are very expensive. By replacing the printer cartridge, you should be able to continue printing many more photos and documents.

This article only applies to ink-jet photo printers; the instructions for replacing a toner on a color laser printer will be slightly different.

Removing the Old Cartridge

The old cartridge must first be removed from the printer. Opening the top of the printer should cause the print head to move over so that the cartridge can be accessed. Locate the cartridge that needs to be removed, and then squeeze the plastic clip to unlock it; the old cartridge can then be removed by pulling it out. After the cartridge has been removed, it can either be thrown away or kept to be refilled.

Preparing the Cartridge

The new cartridge will normally be packed in a box and put inside a vacuum sealed plastic pouch. Open the box, rip the plastic pouch and take the cartridge out. Some brands of cartridges will have plastic clips or seals which first need to be pulled off. Once these are removed, your cartridge is ready to be installed.

Installing the Cartridge

The new cartridge can then be installed by simply pushing it into location. Once it is in the right position, you should hear a clicking noise which will lock the cartridge in position. Once the cartridge is installed, you can then shut the top of the printer and the print head should move back into its normal position. The printer may then automatically run a cleaning cycle to clean the print head.

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